Workshop on Mooring Fees

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8/15 & 8/21 Workshops on Mooring & Dock Fees

Contribute your feedback on the mooring fee changes. (links to the meeting notice) When: August 15th, 3:00PM - 5:00PM
(Note: 6PM to 8PM on August 21st too) Where:
City of Newport Beach Harbor Resources
OASIS Senior Center, Classroom 1
801 Narcissus Av.
Newport Beach
CA 92625 USA
Geo 33° 35' 58.47'' N 117° 51' 58.02'' W
Category: Mooring Fee Workshop

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City Council has asked Harbor Resources to solicit feedback from mooring and dock permit holders on the changes implemented which have affected your finances. Harbor Resources welcomes your comments in two workshops to be held on the 15th and 21st of August in Corona del Mar at the OASIS Senior Center.

You may comment below, however, your comments at the workshop would permit these decision makers to hear directly from you!.

2 thoughts on “Workshop on Mooring Fees

  1. Ron StankoRon Stanko

    J 17Hello! I was wondering with this new marina that’s gonna be by the 15th Street dock…do they plan on putting [in] showers? Even coin operated ones would be nice for the locals. Thanks.

    1. NMA AdminNMA Admin Post author

      Just learned today that the Marina Park facilities will include showers for use by transient boaters, not for use by mooring permit holders. For mooring permittees, some rack–type dinghy storage will be available for rent on terms yet to be determined.

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