What Mooring Holders Want 2014

photo of moored boats

Moored Boats in Newport Harbor

We asked Newport Harbor mooring permit holders the following questions:

  1. Do you want floating docks?
    • poll available February 15th to March 24th
  2. What are the top priorities for mooring permit holders as you see them?
    • survey available March 13th to March 24th

Read on for what mooring permit holders told us in the poll, in the survey, and in their comments.

The poll was offered to readers in our story about what the mayor said he wants at the February 7th dinner. Here are results of the poll, Do You Want Floating Docks?:

poll results

Over 85% polled said No

The survey was included in our follow up story, What Do Mooring Permit Holders Want? The survey was only available for about ten days, between the March 13th Harbor Commission meeting—at which the ad–hoc committees were formed to study floating docks and water taxis—and the first ad–hoc committee meeting on floating docks. Upon clicking to the survey, possible options were shown to readers in random order. Participants had to reorder (either by drag and drop or, for iPad, by renumbering by order of priority) choices into order of priority to them. Here are results of the survey:

survey results

Work dock popular

We are not professional surveyors or pollsters, but we wanted to have something to offer the City in response to the mayor’s kind offer to provide more service to mooring permit holders. If we were running this survey again, we would include the option I want nothing to show popularity of the status–quo. This survey points to where there may be interest in any possible service the City might provide from the options shown.

Permit Holders Also Commented

Each of the articles on this site on the topic of floating docks, also called MVMS and floating communities, has received reader comments. Readers left a total of 34 comments as of March 24. Each of the links below leads to the comments section of the respective article.

Notification Methodology

On 2014-03-19, we sent an email to 340 mooring permit holders to bring these questions to their attention. We did not have the email address of every permit holder, so we could not send to each. (Note to mooring permit holders: Join our mailing list!) Of 340 emails sent, 327 were successfully delivered, 203 (62.1%) were opened, and 66 readers (20.2%) clicked through to the site. We received 61 votes on the poll, Do You Want Floating Docks? and 39 responses on the survey, What Are Your Top Priorities?.

Permit Holders, What Have We Missed?

If you spot something we have overlooked, or want to comment on the results of our poll or survey, please do so below.

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  1. Basil WittBasil Witt

    C46, N144Existing moorings allow the boats to move and adjust to tides and winds and wave action from other boats. Not possible in my estimation with any kind of dock, floating or fixed! I favor leaving the moorings alone.

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