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Another Opinion on Mooring Fees

A mooring permittee has asked that NMA disseminate his mooring fee analysis and suggested Council Action by posting here the materials that he has collected and written. Consistent with our policy of transparency and encouraging open dialogue, we routinely post materials that we receive and are pleased to do so. Such postings are the opinions solely of the authors thereof. Click through to read what he has to say.

One thought on “Another Opinion on Mooring Fees

  1. Brian OuzounianBrian Ouzounian

    A-171All of my exhibits have not been posted. I will have a full packet for those interested parties at the City Council Meeting.
    Of most importance is the disparity in rates as a dock is 50 cents a square foot and my mooring rate is $10/sf. How can anyone say this is fair. If the 33 cents per foot is studied, it makes sense, that is thirty three cents (.33).
    It should be less than docks, right? But it is not nor has there been discussion to that regard so far. I intend to challenge that at the CC meeting.

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