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Harbor Fees Survey by Port

Pillar Point to San Diego

April 2010  

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Details shown here were surveyed in April 2010 (some updates 4/2015) and may change without notice. In each case, please refer to the appropriate City sources for the latest information. This survey includes only harbors with moorings. Dana Point Harbor and Alamitos Bay, for instance, have no moorings. Call any yacht club before visiting to determine reciprocal arrangements and availability.

Pillar Point

37° 29.545’N, 122° 28.798’W

NOAA 18682

John in the Harbormaster’s office (650) 726-5727

Pillar Point Location Overview

Pillar Point is located in San Mateo County which comprises the majority of the penninsula enclosing the southern arm of San Francisco Bay. The Harbor District operates two facilities, Pillar Point Harbor at Half Moon Bay in Princeton, CA, and Oyster Point Marina/Park in the City of South San Francisco (the latter of which is beyond scope of this report). The City owns Oyster Point, and the District runs it for the City under a Joint Powers Agreement. The fees below apply to Pillar Point; a 369 berth mainly commercial fishing harbor. Pillar Point is a protected harbor of refuge along the San Mateo County ocean coast. Home to a vital commercial fishing industry, Pillar Point is also popular with sport fishermen and pleasure boaters seeking the amenities of this modern coastal harbor. The Harbor has 369 berths and features inner and outer breakwaters which make it one of the safest harbors in the United States. Pillar Point has 115 moorings located inside the outer breakwater, but outside the inner breakwater. View it on Google Maps (this will launch your browser; does not require Google Earth on your computer).

Pillar Point Harbor Facilities

Anchorage Outside, exposed Anchorage inside, none
Moorings 75 private, 40 Harbor District–owned Berths 369 Harbor District–owned
Transient moorings yes, limited Transient berths yes, limited
Amenities Pillar Point supports the following amenities for commercial and pleasure boaters: Restrooms/showers, pay boat wash, dinghy storage, designated parking, berths have electricity, there is a public hoist and six-lane launch ramp.

All moorings are inside the outer breakwater, and outside the inner breakwater. Hint: Click to Google Maps to see the harbor layout.

Pillar Point Fees

Fees and rates have no seasonal variation.

Pillar Point Berths

Berthing fees are collected at a 30 foot minimum rate and upward; electricity is separately billed.

A,B & C Docks - US$ 7.94 per berth foot per month (ft./mo.) plus US$ 15 base fee.

D,E,F,G & H Docks - US$ 7.83 ft./mo. plus same $15 base fee.

Pillar Point Non-Transient 40’ Berth

Annual fee for 40’ berthed vessel on D thru H docks: (($7.83/ft./mo. x 40’) + $15 = $328.20/mo.) x 12 mo./yr. = $3,938.40/yr. The annual fee is discounted to $3,610.20 if paid in advance. (see Special Fees, below)

Pillar Point Transient 40’ Berth

Transient berths are available at a flat rate of $0.75/ft./day (30 ft minimum), or from $22.50/day; so a 40’ berth is $30/day or $900/mo.

Pillar Point Moorings

The harbor offers two types of mooring ownership: privately– and Harbor District–held. Privately held mooring permit fee is $1.50< $1.60/ft./month (30 foot min. or $45 $48) or $18 $19.20 /ft./yr. Rental fee for HD held mooring is $4.00 $4.25/ft. L.O.A./month; for transients, there is a flat $10 $10.50/day rate. ***(4/2015)

Pillar Point Non-transient 40’ Mooring

The annual fee for 40’ moored vessel on privately held mooring - $720 $768/yr. ($18 $19.20/ft./yr.); on a Harbor District-held mooring - $1920 $2040/yr ($48 $51/ft./yr.)

Pillar Point Transient 40’ Mooring

The size-independent flat $10 $10.50/day transient daily rate amounts to $3,650 $3,833/yr.

Pillar Point Liveaboards

Liveaboards are allowed in berths and on moorings. Only liveaboards in berths require permit, fee, or are regulated (primarily as to number).

Pillar Point Liveaboard Berths

Liveaboard permit is required only for vessels in berths; no liveaboard permit is required for vessels on moorings. The liveaboard fee is $350/month in addition to the berthing fee. The fee includes water, trash disposal, shoreside shower & toilet facilities, black and gray water pumpout, bilge & oily water separator, cable TV and other amenities. Liveaboards limited to 10% of total slips, or about 37 slips.

Pillar Point Liveaboard Moorings

No liveaboard permit is required for moored vessels, fee only assessed for, and regulation only placed on, liveaboards in berths; however, no gray water or black water discharge in harbor. No limitation on the number of liveaboards on moorings.

Pillar Point Transferability

Individuals hold most mooring permits; district also holds some mooring permits. Individual permittee can sell mooring permit and tackle outright, with or without boat. Transfer fee: none charged.

Pillar Point Special Fees

Liveaboards are allowed - senior discounts (age 65+) available; $315/mo. instead of $350/mo.

Prepayment of berthing fees – if pay year in advance, earn one month free rent.

Dinghy storage is available, typically $25/mo.

Berth waiting list – $25/yr.

Note: as of 04/14/2010, monthly rates shown in Pillar Point's website table are overstated by $15. The rates are correctly shown here; double-check the math if referring to the Pillar Point website figures. That website is to be corrected.

Pillar Point Future Plans

40-berth project (including boat haul-out), new pier and channel (including Romeo Pier disposition), Dredging.


36° 36.418’N, 121° 53.308’W

NOAA 18685

Scott Pryor of the Monterey Harbor Office (831) 646-3950 – mooring ordinances

Monterey Location Overview

Monterey Harbor is located in Monterey County, at the southern hook of Monterey Bay. Santa Cruz is located at the bay's northern cusp. Monterey Harbor (view on Google Maps) is located in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It provides a uniquely feature–rich setting for the Monterey Harbor and the Monterey Municipal Marina. Located in the City of Monterey along Del Monte Avenue, the Harbor and Marina provide access to a variety of recreational, as well as commercial opportunities for residents and visitors. A part of the Harbor, the Marina has become a destination; people travel from miles around to launch their boat for fishing or leisure purposes or enjoy the restaurants, shops and ambiance. Monterey Municipal Marina is a 413 slip, full service marina with public launch ramp conveniently located. Monterey offers 150 year– round moorings, with additional seasonal moorings outside the breakwater in the more exposed East Moorings area.

Monterey Harbor Facilities

Anchorage East of Wharf II & the East Moorings is open anchorage, good holding on sand, free 30 days max in 180 days
Moorings 150 private in harbor plus seasonal exposed East Moorings Berths 413 in Municipal Marina (20’–50’), 6 side–ties to 75’, Breakwater Cove Marina has 80 berths
Transient moorings yes, seasonal—East Moorings Transient berths yes, multiple
Amenities Monterey supports the following amenities for commercial and pleasure boaters: Restrooms/showers, laundry, dinghy storage, preferred parking, many restaurants, berths have electricity, there is a public hoist and launch ramp.

Monterey Fees

Adjusted annually per local (San Fran—Oakland-San Jose) CPI. (Click to US CPI site or see Wikipedia.) In 2009, the US CPI fell for the first time since 1955.

Discrepancy: The Finance Department’s Harbor Fees page (at 04/14/2010) uses a 29 day month to calculate monthly transient berth fees. In contrast, the Harbor Department’s page fee schedules are (correctly, according to the Harbor Department) calculated using a 28 day month. Compare Harbor Dep’t. and Finance Dep’t. pages. Note that the fee schedules greatly favor locals; pricing for transient vessels is significantly higher.

Monterey Berths

Monterey offers non-transient and transient berths in its Municipal Marina and the private Breakwater Cove marina. Monterey's rate structure is the most complicated in this survey; rates for transient berths vary by size and season. Berth rates are adjusted to a locally indexed CPI (required by the City's loan from the California DBAW.

Monterey Non-transient Berths

For non-transient vessels in the municipal marina, monthly berthing fees are tiered by size. A 20’ berth rents for $138/mo; a 50’ berth rent ranges from $361/mo. to $421.50/mo. Per foot, per month, these fees fall between $6.90/ft./mo. (20 ft berth) to approximately $8.43/ft./mo. (50 ft berth). Boats in 30 ft. berths pay slighly higher per-foot monthly rate of $8.30 to $8.63.

Monterey Non–transient Monthly Berthing Fees

(Municipal Marina)

Berth length in feet 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Monthly rate (US$) 138.00 206.00 to 211.00 249.00 to 259.00 271.00 to 291.00 314.00 341.00 to 361.00 361.00 to 421.50
Per foot/month equiv. (US$) 6.90 8.24 to 8.44 8.30 to 8.63 7.74 to 8.31 7.85 7.58 to 8.02 7.22 to 8.43

Non–transient berthing fees vary by size, with further variation within sizes based on location (desirability). These rates vary from $6.90/ft./mo. to $8.63/ Monthly rates are properly calculated by multiplying the daily rate by 28. That discount, of a month's stay for the price of 28 days, is available when fees are paid in advance.

Monterey Non-transient 40’ berth

There is a Municipal Marina as well as the private Breakwater Cove marina; both offer non–transient berths.

Monterey Municipal Marina

Annual fee for non-transient 40’ vessel in the Municipal Marina: ($314/mo.) x 12mo./yr. = $3,768/yr. ($7.85/ft./mo.), or pay year in advance, in first month of City’s fiscal year, for 10% discount, or $3,391/yr. ($7.07/ft./mo.).

Monterey private marina

There is one private marina, called by two different names. (Breakwater Cove Marina aka Monterey Bay Boatworks). This marina charges $12.75/ft./mo. for all berth sizes. A 40’ berth here costs ((40’ x $12.75/ft./mo.) = $510/mo.) x 12 mo./yr. = $6120/yr. The marina offers 50 ft., 35 ft. and 25 ft. berths. [Updated 2011-02-19]

Monterey Transient Berths

Transient berths are available in both the Municipal Marina and the private Breakwater Cove marina.

The table below shows slip (berth) rates for transient vessels visiting Monterey's Municipal Marina; these rates vary by size and by season. Not shown in this table are the rates for the Breakwater Cove private marina. It charges transient vessels $1/ft./day with a 30 ft. minimum charge ( $30/day minimum ). Breakwater Cove's rates appear to have remain unchanged since at least 2005.

Monterey Transient Berthing Fees

—high season (Mar. – Oct.) (Muni. Marina)

Berth length in feet 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Daily rate (US$) 14.00 17.50 21.00 24.50 28.00 31.50 35.00
Per foot/day equiv. (US$) 0.70 0.70 0.70 0.70 0.70 0.70 0.70
Monthly (US$) 392.00 490.00 588.00 686.00 784.00 882.00 980.00

Transient berthing fees for the Municipal Marina vary by size as well as by season. March through October (see table above) the rates range from $14/day or $392/mo. for a 20 foot berth, to $35/day or $980/mo. for a 50 foot berth. November through April rates are lower, at $13/day, or $364/mo, for a 20 foot berth, to $32.50/day, or $910/mo, for a 50 foot berth. Monthly rates are properly calculated by multiplying the daily rate by 28.

Monterey Transient 40’ berth

Breakwater Cove charges $1/ft./day, so a 40’ berth is $40/day ($30 minimum). Monthly berthing fees for transient vessels in the Municipal Marina are tiered by size and season. Monthly fee is daily fee times 28 (yields a discount over daily rate for those staying the full month). Here are the charges for a 40’ transient vessel in the Municipal Marina:

Mar—Oct monthly fee for 40’ boat ( $28/day x 28 = $784/mo. ) ( $19.60/ft./mo.)

Nov—Feb monthly fee for 40’ boat ( $26/day x 28 = $728/mo. ) ($18.20/ft./mo.)

Monterey Moorings

Monterey offers seasonal moorings (East Moorings), completely outside the breakwater, and year-round (inside breakwater, but called Outer Harbor) moorings. The two fields are priced differently. The East moorings are City–owned; the Outer Harbor moorings are primarily individually permittted. Furthermore, the Outer Harbor moorings are priced differently for residents, liveaboards, and non-residents.

Monterey East Moorings

Monthly fees for the seasonal East Moorings (available from April 1 through October 31) are determined by vessel size:

Monterey East Moorings Monthly Rental Fees (US$)

Vessel length Monthly fee Monthly /ft./mo. Yearly /ft./mo. equiv. fee
<30’ 93.40 3.22 (for 29’ boat) 38.64
30’ to 40’ 123.80 3.10 to 4.13 37.20 to 49.56
41’ to 54’ 155.30 2.88 to 3.79 34.56 to 45.48
55’ and over 185.70 3.38 (for 55’ boat) 40.56
  • East Moorings transient use is assessed a flat fee of $10 per day.

  • The East Moorings are not available year–round. The year–round equivalent fee per foot is shown for comparison purposes only.

  • No liveaboards permitted in the seasonal East Moorings field because the field is located within a National Marine Sanctuary, but transient use is okay.

  • These fees average $2.88/ft/mo. to $4.13/ft./mo.

  • These fees include dinghy space and mooring maintenance. These moorings are all City–owned. In contrast, the Outer Harbor Mooring fees do not include dinghy storage or maintenance, and the City’s objective is to have as many permits as possible held by individuals.

Monterey Outer Harbor Moorings

If an Outer Harbor mooring permit holder plans to go cruising for an extended period, he can ask the City to manage his mooring while he is away. This becomes a City–managed mooring, and the City rate is charged for its use. These funds are deposited into the City's General Fund. During the period that mooring is City–managed, the permit holder's mooring permit fees are suspended. Alternatively, the permit holder may elect to sub–lease the mooring to another party himself.

These flat rate (no variation by size or season) mooring fees are assessed each quarter. A 10% discount is offered for annual payment in advance; that fee net of discount is shown below. For comparison purposes, monthly and daily equivalent rates are also shown. City Mooring describes the rate for transient mooring use; this fee is charged to transient vessels, or boaters without a mooring permit (for instance vessels on a City–managed mooring held in another permit holder's name), and those without an assigned mooring.

Monterey does not rent Outer Harbor moorings for short–term transient use. Monthly or longer transient use of City moorings, or City managed moorings is possible.

Monterey Outer Harbor Mooring Fees (US$)

Renter Type / Period Quarterly Monthly equiv. Daily equiv. Ann'l. (10% disc.)
Monterey res. 141.90 158.50 47.30 52.83 1.58 1.76 510.80 570.60
Monterey res. liveaboard 192.80 64.27 2.14 694.10
Non-resident 179.00 59.67 1.99 644.40
City Mooring—transient 246.90 82.30 2.74 888.80
  • Monterey Outer Harbor Mooring fees are assessed quarterly; other equivalent fees are shown here for comparison purposes only.

  • These are flat fees which vary by characterization of fee–payor; they do not vary by size of mooring.

  • The annual column shows total fee if paid in advance; it shows the fee after 10% discount allowed for annual advance payment.

Monterey Non-transient 40’ mooring

The fees in the above table, Monterey Outer Harbor mooring fees, are size-independent, flat fees. They do not include maintenance, paid for separately by the permit holder. Because they are quoted as flat fees, the rate per foot varies widely. Picking one vessel length for comparison purposes, the annual fee for a Monterey resident’s 40’ boat (non-liveaboard) moored in outer harbor is $510.80 570.60/yr if paid in advance for 10% discount. This is equivalent to $12.77 14.27/ft./yr. for a 40’ boat (from $510.80 570.60 [annual fee net of 10% discount] / 40 feet = $12.77 14.27 per foot of boat). If comparing fees on the basis of 50 foot boat length, the fee would be equivalent to $10.22 11.41/ft./yr. or 30 foot boat length, equivalent to $17.03 19.02/ft./yr. Liveaboard fees are included in the table showing the entire fee charged to a liveaboard permit holder. See preceding paragraph regarding 10% discount for annual advance payment.

Monterey Transient 40’ Mooring

The annual fee for a non-resident’s 40 foot boat on a mooring is $888.80/yr (the City Mooring rate) if that person does not have an assigned mooring. However, it is improbable that this fee would be collected on an annual basis, because the City's objective is to get moorings transferred into individuals' names. Furthermore, this fee is not a transient rate for the Outer Harbor Moorings. The Outer Harbor moorings are not rented for short–term transient use. The East Moorings are, however, rented seasonally for transient use. The East Moorings are not available on an annual basis.

Assume an Outer Harbor mooring permit holder who goes on an extended cruise, not to return for twelve months. He could ask the City to manage his mooring. The City would suspend his mooring permit fee, and it would offer a long–term sublease for that mooring at the "City mooring" rate.

For comparison purposes, the only comparable transient fee for Monterey moorings is the one quoted for transient use of the East Moorings at $10/day.

Monterey Liveaboards

Liveaboards are permitted in berths in the Inner Harbor and on moorings in the Outer Harbor, but not on moorings in the seasonal East Moorings Field. Approximately 25 liveaboard permits are available; this number is allocated between 15 possible liveaboard vessels in berths in the Inner Harbor, ten possible vessels on Outer Harbor moorings. Liveaboard availabiity is an arbitrary number selected by City Council. There are currently fewer than six liveaboards, total, in Monterey. A liveaboard who does not yet hold his own slip or berth permit, yet has been assigned one after purchasing a permitted vessel, pays a flat US$ 50/mo. assignment fee on top of his base fee. Once that person's name reaches the top of the waiting list, he may take the permit in his own name and no longer pay the additional assignment fee.

Monterey Liveaboard Berths

Berths in Monterey are assigned by permit, as are Outer Harbor moorings. The rate tables for Monterey non-transient berths (pdf - 930KB) pdf icon show a MTH x 1.5’s column; this is the rate charged for liveaboard vessels in berths. (Plus US$ 50/mo. assignment fee if not yet permit holder)

Monterey Liveaboard Moorings

Liveaboards on moorings are only permitted in the the Outer Harbor mooring field. No liveaboards are allowed in East Mooring Field because it is set within the National Marine Sanctuary. However, seasonal transient use of the East Mooring Field is possible in this no–discharge area. The mooring liveaboard fee may be extracted from the Monthly Outer Harbor Mooring Fee Table, which shows one monthly rate for Monterey residents and another for Monterey resident liveaboards. (Must also pay US$ 50/mo. assignment fee if not yet permit holder)

Monterey Transferability

No direct transfer of moorings, however, Monterey has an Assignment System. On purchase of a moored boat, the City will assign a mooring (often the same mooring) until buyer becomes eligible to hold own mooring (upon buyer’s reaching top of waiting list). It is thought permit holders would never succeed in selling boats if this soft transfer were not possible. City upcharges such transfers an Outer Harbor Assignment Rate of $50/mo. in this period, on top of the regular mooring rate. Slips are licensed and transferred in similar fashion; the Slip Assignment Rate is 1.5 times the monthly non-transient rate. The vast majority of moorings are held by individual permit holders; the district holds very few permits.

Monterey Special Fees

Dinghy fee, not included for Outer Harbor moorings, is from $54 to $90 quarterly; dinghy dockage and storage are both available. In general terms, all fees receive 10% discount for annual advance payment.

Wait list - $20 initial/ $10 Annual

The assignment fee is $50/mo. Assignment of either slip or mooring by the City gives the boat buyer peace of mind he will have a place to keep the boat he just bought. Buyer must continue to pay the $50/mo. on top of his base berth or mooring fee until his name reaches the top of the waiting list, then he may gain his own mooring or berth permit.

Annual automobile parking permit – $120

Morro Bay

35° 21.599’N, 120° 52.192’W

NOAA 18703

Polly – (805) 772-6254

lease management policy – (pdf–34KB)pdf icon

2015 Harbormaster's Fee Schedule — (pdf–20KB)pdf icon

harbor contacts

harbor brochure – (pdf–827KB)pdf icon

Morro Bay Location Overview

Morro Bay is centrally located on the coast of San Luis Obispo County within Estero Bay, its harbor protected by the famous rock and man-made breakwater (view on Google Maps). The Bay is the home of many fishing boats as well as a large recreational boater population. Many boats are older, neglected and possibly abandoned. A number of slips may only be rented to the commercial fishing fleet. Morro Bay is the home of modern full service marinas, both private and municipal each supporting restrooms, electricity, water, laundry, phones, launch ramp, fuel dock nearby, dock boxes, showers at North T-pier and State Park, groceries nearby, security, parking, picnic area, snack bar/restaurant, inside this nicely protected harbor. There over 200 slips; moorings are available as well, both private and city owned. The entrance can be tricky, even dangerous, at times of foul weather. The California DBAW offers this guide. (pdf–155KB)pdf icon

Morro Bay Harbor Facilities

Anchorage Inside; in area A 1-5, anchorage is taken (N and W of marker #12); floating dock available ($0.17/ft/day). Otherwise anchor 5 days free, beyond which $0.16/ft/day; 30 days max stay.
Moorings 125 total, 25 Morro Bay Marina managed, 6 MBYC owned, 6 City-owned Berths City: 50 slips for fishing vessels only, also T-pier side ties, MBYC, and MBM
Transient moorings Yes, from City (only the six for which it holds permits) and MBYC (6 moorings) Transient berths City: 50 slips and 2 T-shaped piers for side tie, also MBYC
Amenities Morro Bay provides these amenities for commercial and pleasure boaters: Restrooms/showers (MBYC; also North T-pier restrooms–take quarters), laundry (MBYC), dinghy storage, $5/day parking, ice, diesel, berths have electricity, there is a public hoist and launch ramp. Nearby shopping, cinema, restaurant, computer access at public library.

Morro Bay Fees

Morro Bay charges mooring permit holders flat rate monthly fees. It charges per-foot monthly fees for vessels anchored more than five days (up to 30 days maximum), for recreational vessels using the T-pier side ties, and for slip users. Morro Bay has a unique floating dock in its anchorage to which vessels may also side-tie for $0.18/ft./day.

Morro Bay Berths

Many of Morro Bay's berths are reserved for the benefit of the commercial fishing fleet. Recreational users may take berth in such slips when the fisherman are out of harbor. Both transient and non-transient berths are available.

Morro Bay Non-Transient Berths

The fee charged to a commercial fishing vessel for a non-transient berth is $3.85/ft./mo. Morro Bay Marina rents non–transient berths for a flat rate of $235/mo. for vessels to 30’, equivalent to $7.83/ft./mo. for a 30’ vessel.

Morro Bay Transient Berths

Morro Bay offers transient berthage on its T-piers, and unused commercial fishing vessel slips. When vacant, a recreational vessel may sublet a commercial fishing vessel's berth for $7.60/ft./mo. or rent it for $0.85/ft./day. Morro Bay Yacht Club also provides transient side–tie berthage alongside its 150’ dock. Amenities include a key to enter the club for showers, laundry, 20– and 30–amp 120 VAC electrical service, a bar open Fridays from 6 to 7:30PM with hors d’oeuvres service and summer Wednesday evening Burger Bashes. The following table shows the Morro Bay Yacht Club visiting vessel rates:

Morro Bay Yacht Club Side–Tie Fees (US$)

Vessel size Daily Rate Per-foot/per-day equiv. rate
Up to 40 feet 20 0.50 (40’ boat)
40’ to 50’ 30 0.60 to 0.70
50’ to 60’ 40 0.67 to 0.80
Over 60’ 60’ plus 1.00/ft.
  • Morro Bay Yacht Club welcomes all recreational vessels coming by way of an ocean voyage but accepts no reservations. Maximum vessel length is 75’ and there is no restriction on length of stay. No commercial vessels. Visiting vessels may not be unattended overnight.

The following table shows the side–tie fees for the mainly transient use T-piers and floating dock in the anchorage.

Morro Bay Side–Tie Fees (US$)

Rental period Rate (ft./day) Monthly equiv. rate (/ft./mo.)
Up to 90 days 0.18 5.40
Beyond 90 days 0.31 9.30
  • Transient vessels may side–tie alongside the T-piers or the floating dock, as assigned by Harbor Department. The same rate charged for side tie is charged for use of the floating dock in the anchorage even though the floating dock provides no immediate shore access, water, or power.

Morro Bay Moorings

Morro Bay has 119 privately permitted and six City-owned moorings. According to Polly, the City never intended to hold moorings, but has taken back those for which the permit holder failed to, or was otherwise unable to, pay the permit fee. A block of 25 moorings is held by Marina Square and managed by Morro Bay Marina. That entity serves primarily non–transient vessels.

In contrast to the City of Newport Beach, Morro Bay’s Harbor Department does not rent to transient vessels unused privately permitted moorings. The Harbor Department leases or rents only those six moorings for which the City holds the mooring permit. If a mooring permit holder plans to go cruising for an extended period, he may sublease his mooring to another user. Someone who has leased a City–owned mooring may not further sublease it.

The Morro Bay Yacht Club also has six moorings. For those transient vessels it can accommodate, the fee for these moorings' use is $15/day for vessels up to 40’, $20/day for vessels 40’ to 50’.

The following table shows Morro Bay monthly mooring permit fees as charged by the City to the permit holder or lease holder.

Morro Bay Monthly Mooring Permit Fees (US$)

Mooring by permit holder (flat rate, size independent) Rate Annual equivalent
Privately owned & maintained 74.50 81.10 894.00 973.20
City owned 169.00 215 2,028.00 2,580.00
  • These are flat monthly fees, regardless of vessel size, as charged by the City to the permit holder (or lease holder if City–owned mooring).

  • Transient vessels may use moorings as assigned by Harbor Department or MBYC. For City–owned moorings, the Harbor Department charges $0.18/ft./day for transient use


Morro Bay Non-Transient 40’ Mooring

For a 40’ boat on a city mooring: $2,028 per year (from $169/mo. x 12 months/year); on privately permitted mooring: $894 per year (from $74.50/mo. x 12 months/year).

Morro Bay Transient 40’ Mooring

Morro Bay does not rent unused privately permitted moorings; it only rents the limited number of City–owned moorings. As mentioned just above, the fee for this use is US$ 0.18/ft./day. For a 40 foot transient boat, this amounts to $7.20 per day.

Morro Bay Liveaboards

Morro Bay permits 50 liveaboards on moorings or in private marinas but not at the City T-piers. Liveaboard fee is $172 $120 for two years duration (bi-annual application) plus a City Fee. The City Fee is a monthly service fee which helps offset the City's cost of providing trash service, restroom maintenance, water, etc. For liveaboards on moorings, this fee is $14.50 $15.75/mo.; for liveaboards in City slips, the fee is $29 $32.45/mo.

Morro Bay Transferability

Transferability fee: Flat $1,000 $1,090 fee to the City on transfer. Permit holder does not have to transfer boat and mooring together, can transfer mooring permit separately from boat. Vast majority of mooring permits held by individuals but harbor district does hold a few permits. (Moorings on which the permit holder failed to pay the permit fee, so were taken back by the City.)

Morro Bay Notes:

40’ Moorings have sold around $15K lately

Private moorings are on month to month lease which can be cancelled by either party in 30 days!

Port San Luis

35° 09.234’N, 120° 44.374’W

NOAA 18704

Special thanks to: Mara (805) 595-5400 – — mooring info (pdf–86KB)pdf icon

Mooring Regulations – Chapter 16 (pdf–1.02MB)pdf icon

Port San Luis Location Overview

Port San Luis, south of Morro Bay, is also located in San Luis Obispo County. Port San Luis Harbor District is a political sub-division of the State of California and an independent special district. The Harbor was organized and validated under the California Harbors and Navigation Code, Section 6042, on January 27, 1954. Port San Luis offers no berths, only moorings (view on Google Maps). The harbor is a large bight formed by Point San Luis, where the Point San Luis Light and its Victorian–style house was built in 1890. There are two very long piers extending into the harbor, one is Cal Poly SLO's, the other is the City's Harford Pier, (aka the Avila Pier). Avila Beach is becoming a renowned resort destination.

Port San Luis Harbor Facilities

Anchorage Yes, 7 days free; after that $8/day Apr—Oct, $16/day Nov—Mar for vessels < 85’. Anchorage is taken between the Harford Pier (aka the Avila Pier) and the Cal Poly pier.
Moorings 215 privately–owned single–point moorings; maintained by PSL HD, also 34 HD–owned; total possible is 290 Berths none
Transient moorings yes, up to 85’; also available (up to 55’) from SLYC for $6/day Apr 1—Oct 31. Transient berths none
Amenities 1,460’ Harford Pier, (2) 2,000 lb, and (1) 1,000 lb., coin–op hoists, fish markets, fishing charters, fast food concessions, restaurant, bar. Diesel, ice, water & pump-out available at west end of pier. Water taxi available. Also: restrooms & showers, laundry, dinghy storage, parking in Port San Luis lot, launch ramp.

Note: Call water taxi on VHF 12 or by phone at (805) 595-7895.

Port San Luis Fees

Port San Luis Harbor District performs the mooring construction, maintenance, inspection, and placement for all moorings. Payment for required annual inspections is the responsibility of the permit holder, charged at $300/hr. with a 1/2 hour minimum fee.

Port San Luis Moorings

Port San Luis offers non-transient and transient moorings. It owns 34 moorings available for transient use; most moorings (currently 215) are individually permitted. The San Luis Yacht Club (on the Harford Pier) also has some moorings available for transient use from April 1 to October 31. Moorings are placed by category of use; commercial boats together; sailboats together; powerboats together. That way they swing harmoniously with wind and tide. If permit holder goes cruising for extended period, he may not sublease his mooring. Permit holder may loan mooring (to same size and type of boat) but is still responsible for payment. Port San Luis does not rent privately permitted moorings to transient vessels.

Port San Luis Non-Transient Moorings

Permit fees for moorings run from $28 30 to $39 42 per month depending on size, but are collected on a quarterly basis. For comparison purposes, the table below shows Port San Luis mooring permit fees on an annual basis and on an annual per–foot basis.

Port San Luis Mooring Permit Fees (US$)

Vessel size Quarterly Rate Annual equivalent Monthly equivalent Annual per–foot rate
Up to 35’ 84.00 90.00 336.00 360.00 28.00 30 9.60 10.29 (for 35’)
36’ to 55’ 102.00 111.00 408.00 444.00 34.00 37 7.42 8.07 to 11.33 12.33
56’ to 75’ 117.00 126.00 468.00 504.00 39.00 42.00 6.24 6.72 to 8.36 9.00
  • These fees are assessed quarterly for the space occupied by the mooring.

  • Construction of a new mooring (the ballast and tackle) runs $3,300 to $5,300.

Port San Luis Non–Transient 40’ Mooring

The annual fee for a 40’ moored vessel is $408 444 per year. Annual mandatory inspection fee is $150 minimum, not including any needed repair.

Port San Luis Transient Moorings

The harbor offers 34 first–come, first–served transient use moorings. Some are for vessels up to 35 feet, available for the flat fee of $10/day. Others are available for vessels up to 85 feet for the flat fee of $15/day. For transient use, the maximum stay is 14 days. San Luis Yacht Club has a limited number of moorings (vessels up to 55’) available for transient use from April 1 to October 31 for the flat rate of $6/day.

Port San Luis Liveaboards

Port San Luis has no regulation or policy about liveaboards. Due to inadequate dinghy storage, many mooring permit holders rely on the water taxi which runs limited hours (last run at 4PM). The harbor's limited infrastructure is not conducive to liveaboards.

Port San Luis Transferability

The Port San Luis transfer fee is $75 80. A person can sell his mooring; however the buyer must apply for a permit. Mooring location is based on seniority as determined by the original date of permit issuance. When moorings transfer, the buyer may find his newly permitted mooring relocated to the mooring field outskirts—its previous location taken by a previously permitted mooring with seniority.

Port San Luis Special Fees

Dinghies: $57/qtr. for dingy storage whether in rack or in water, for mooring permit holder only (currently a waiting list)

Parking: currently no charge for parking in Port San Luis lot.

Wait List - $100 initial/ $50 annual administrative fee. The wait list fee can be applied toward cost of a new mooring if desired when a space becomes available. Currently no waiting list.

Yearly inspections on mooring tackle. Any maintenance cost is the responsibility of the private party. Inspections are performed by the port district at the rate of $300/hr. with half hour minimum ($150).

Santa Barbara

34° 24.396’N, 119° 41.099’W

NOAA 18725

Waterfront Department (805) 564–5531

Special thanks to: Kathy Sangster – Admin. Supervisor (805) 564-5531 ( — berthing fees — mooring field map (pdf–1.20MB)pdf icon

Chapter 17—Harbor section of Santa Barbara Municipal Ordinances (pdf–1.1MB)pdf icon

Docklines – a City Waterfront department publication fostering communication in the marina community

Water Taxi – runs half–hourly between Stearns Wharf and marina

Santa Barbara Location Overview

Santa Barbara Harbor maintains 1,133 berths for both pleasure and commercial vessels (view on Google Maps). It is operated by the Waterfront Department of the City of Santa Barbara, managing approximately 252 acres of tidelands and submerged lands encompassing the Harbor and Stearns Wharf. These lands belong to the State and are held in trust by the City of Santa Barbara through a tidelands grant. Santa Barbara and its neighbor Montecito are world–renowned tourist & resort destinations.

Santa Barbara Harbor Facilities

Anchorage Yes, outside breakwater, seasonal anchorage is available Apr. 1—Oct. 31 just east of Stearns Wharf for short–term visitors (no anchoring inside breakwater). About 1 mile E of harbor is the Year–round anchorage. In inclement weather, it’s wise to seek shelter in the harbor!
Moorings None within harbor; 45 City–permitted single–point moorings in the Santa Barbara Mooring Area Berths 1,133 City permitted, 20’ – 60’, also 100’ side–ties
Transient moorings none Transient berths Yes, about 30, others as available when permit holders are away (sometimes about 100 total)
Amenities City pier, (1) 4,500 lb, (1) 2,000 lb, and (2) 1,000 lb., coin–op or token hoists, restaurants and bars. Diesel, ice, water & pump-out available. Water taxi available. Also: restrooms & showers, laundry, parking in harbor lot, launch ramp. Electricity, marine supply store ("chandlery" for the old–timers), mail service, sewage pump-out, bilge pump-out, launch ramp, fuel dock, security, parking.

Depth is approximately 15 feet. Note: Call water taxi by phone at (805) 896–6900. Trips every half–hour between the harbor and Stearns Wharf. Santa Barbara is a no discharge harbor.

About one mile east of the harbor, beyond the Santa Barbara Mooring Area is the Year–Round Anchorage where anchorage may be taken free of charge.

Santa Barbara Fees

Santa Barbara offers reasonable berth and mooring fees for non–transient vessels. Berths and moorings are assigned by permit. Berths may be transfered while moorings may not. Berth transfer fees are, however, quite high, as are transient vessel rental rates. Santa Barbara’s fees were adjusted in July 2010. Please call the ultimate source for Santa Barbara Harbor information, the Watefront Department, at (805) 564–5531.

Santa Barbara Berths

Santa Barbara offers 1,133 berths including about 100 transient berths. Unused non–transient berths may also be rented to transient vessels by the Harbor Patrol as available.

Santa Barbara Non–Transient Berths

Santa Barbara non–transient berths are assigned by permit. Ten percent of these (113) may apply for liveaboard privileges, for which an additional monthly fee is assessed. The total number of liveaboard permits is an arbitrary number set by the City. The table below shows the monthly fees charged berth permit holders as of February 2011. Santa Barbara’s fees may change July 1, 2011 (for news of the 2010 increase, see The Log – 2010-04-14).

Santa Barbara Non–Transient Berth Fees (US$)

Berth Length (feet) Monthly Rate (ft./mo.) Monthtly Total Equiv. Rate
20 7.55 151.20
25 7.92 198.00
28 8.12 227.36
30 8.30 249.00
35 8.66 303.10
40 9.01 360.40
43 9.24 397.32
45 9.39 422.55
50 9.74 487.00
60 10.57 634.20
70 11.47 802.90
80 12.44 995.20
90 13.50 1,215.00
100 14.65 1,465.00
  • Fees are assessed on the greater length of berth or vessel.

  • For holders of City–permitted berth permits who go on an extended cruise (at least three months), the City may extend the permit holder a temporarily reduced rate while he is away.

Santa Barbara Transient Berths

Santa Barbara offers approximately 100 guest berths. Some of this number are City–permitted berths available when the permit holder’s vessel is away. The City retains the rental income for transient rentals. Rates charged to transient vessels beyond 14 days, on a monthly basis, are the highest in this survey (higher than Avalon, though Santa Barbara offers slips and Avalon offers only moorings). The table below shows Santa Barbara’s rates for transient berths by length of stay. No monthly transient rate is offered; it is shown here for comparison purposes only.

Santa Barbara Transient Berth Fees (US$)

Length of stay (days) Rate (ft./day) Monthly equiv. rate (ft./mo.)
1 to 14 0.90 27
15 to 28 1.80 54
  • No monthly transient rate is offered; it is shown here for comparison purposes only.

  • Transient vessels may take berth only as assigned by the Santa Barbara Harbormaster.

  • Commercial fishing vessels are charged $0.70/ft./day for berthage with no restriction on stay if DF&G fish tickets are shown. Please contact the Waterfront Department for specifics.

Santa Barbara Moorings

The annual mooring permit fee for all moorings is $250 regardless of mooring size. Santa Barbara assigns used to assign moorings by means of a lottery system which has been abandoned. No fee is charged for inclusion in the mooring lottery. Santa Barbara does not rent unused City–permitted moorings for transient use. There are available mooring permits but they remain unused due to little demand.

Santa Barbara Liveaboards

Santa Barbara permits up to 10% of the harbor’s berths (or 113) to be used as liveaboards by the berth permit holder. A Liveaboard fee of $140.00/mo. is charged. Currently there is no waiting list (e.g. no wait for berth permit holders) for a liveaboard permit. When a liveaboard waiting list exists, the fee to be added thereto is $25 per year. There is no regulation of, or fee related to, liveaboards on moorings in the East Santa Barbara Mooring Area (or Year–Round Anchorage).

Santa Barbara Transferability

Santa Barbara berths and moorings are assigned by permit. A berth permit holder may transfer his permit with sale of his vessel. For such transfer, a transfer fee of $200 (for 20’ slip) to $275 (larger slips) per berth foot is charged. This transfer fee is also assessed upon addition of partner to a berth permit. For addition of a spouse to a slip permit, a slip swap, or change of vessel in a slip, a $50 processing fee is assessed. When a permit has been acquired from the waiting list, a 5–year sliding fee scale is applied. Santa Barbara moorings are not transferable. They are only assigned by means of the lottery.

Santa Barbara Special Fees

Slip Transfer - Vessel sale, slip permit reassignment or transfer, addition of partner - $200/ft. (20’ berth) - $275/ft (larger berth).

Processing Fee — Slip trades, new boat in slip, addition of spouse to slip permit. - $50.00

Waiting Lists:

Slip Waiting List — Currently full and closed to new applicants. When open, the fee to be added thereto is $50.00 Initial Fee. / $40.00 Renewal fee per year

Liveaboard permit waiting list — $25/yr. (But currently no wait and no waiting list; liveaboard permit only available to berth permit holder)

Yearly mooring inspections and any required repair paid by permittee.

Note: No regulations on liveaboards on moorings as to number, fee, inspections.

King Harbor - Redondo Beach

33° 50.315’N, 118° 23.708’W

NOAA 18744

Redondo Beach Marina (310) 374-3481

King Harbor Location Overview

There are four marinas in King Harbor (view on Google Maps). One of these, Redondo Beach Marina, has transient slips 20’ to 65’ from $25 to $35/night respectively. The harbor currently offers only a few moorings (for commerical vessels only). The City received a DBAW $250,000 grant (yet unfunded) for additional transient vessel moorings to be managed by Redondo Beach Marina and leased to vessels >26 feet. The project has not moved forward due to State budget deficit. See Minutes of Harbor Commission of 06/08/2009. The DBAW grant requires these moorings accommodate transient boats. Currently, none has been installed, but we’re monitoring King Harbor for progress. As of 4/2015, a few moorings are visible on Google Maps but the City website has no further information.

The few moorings currently available are only for commercial boats. A previous larger mooring field was displaced when a new breakwall was erected.

Avalon, Catalina Island

33° 20.874’N, 118° 19.284’W

NOAA 18757

Kate in the Harbormaster’s office (310) 510-0535 (pdf–1.1MB)pdf icon — mooring fees — mooring rules — how to pick up — mooring map (p1) & fees (p2) (pdf–241KB)pdf icon

Two Harbors – Manages Catalina Island moorings not in Avalon.

Chamber of Commerce

Avalon Location Overview

The City of Avalon has 362 moorings in a quaint tourist-oriented harbor at the southeast end of Catalina Island ( view on Google Maps). Moorings range in size from 14 feet to over 100 feet. The majority of visitors gain access to Avalon by means of commercial ferry services from the mainland. Avalon has no berths available for transient boaters and no anchorage within the harbor. Anchorage may be taken at nearby Descanso Bay . The vast majority of moorings are owned by individuals who pay a mooring permit fee of $0.73/ft/month to the City. Moorings may be sold with no boat, and great demand supports high prices. 70 foot moorings have sold for $1 million in past years (click to current moorings for sale). The City takes 5% of the transfer price. Mooring owner is responsible for annual maintenance.

Avalon Harbor Facilities

Anchorage Yes, outside breakwater, exposed (no anchoring inside breakwater). In inclement weather, it’s wise to seek shelter in the harbor! However, in Santa Ana winds season (Mar. – Oct.), do not be caught by surprise without options. The entire Avalon area offers poor shelter in these conditions.
Moorings 362 both within harbor and outside, near Descanso Beach and Hamilton Cove. Berths None
Transient moorings many, available through the Harbormaster Transient berths None
Amenities The green Pleasure Pier, hotels, restaurants and bars. Diesel, ice, ice cream, SCUBA tank refill, water & pump-out available. Water taxi available. Also: restrooms & showers, laundry, dinghy storage (up to 14’). Mainland access via ferry. Marine supply store (Chet’s Hardware, also Sherrill’s), post office, bilge pump-out, fuel dock, movies at the Casino.

Note: Call water taxi on VHF channel 09. No dinghy permit or fee for dinghies 14’ or under. Avalon is a no discharge harbor; you’ll be greeted with a dye tablet!

Avalon Fees

Avalon offers no berths, only moorings. Avalon collects permit fees from mooring permit holders. Permit holders also pay for annual maintenance on these double–point moorings. The permit holder may reserve his mooring for his own use, reserve it for a friend’s use, or not use it. Everyone but the permit holder must pay a rental fee for use of the mooring.

Avalon Moorings

Avalon is the sailing destination of vessels from all of southern California. Once they arrive, they may anchor or pick up a double–point mooring. Avalon, and Catalina Island in general, offers no berths. The vast majority of moorings in Avalon are permitted to individuals. They may transfer their mooring to another person at any time. The City receives 5% of the sale price as transfer fee. 70’ Avalon moorings fetched prices up to US$ 1 million during the boom years. Moorings range in size from 14’ to 100’ plus.

Avalon Non–Transient Moorings

Mooring permit fee: 14 foot boat: $122.64 137.76 to 100 foot boat $876.00 984. The Avalon annual mooring permit fee is calculated by multiplying mooring length in feet x $0.82/ft x 12 months/year, equivalent to $8.76 9.84 /ft./yr.. Moorings require yearly maintenance at owner’s expense.

Avalon Annual Mooring Permit Fee (US$)

Mooring length (feet) Fee per foot Months per year Annual fee
 feet 0.82 12  US$
  • To Use: (1) Enter mooring size in feet. (2) Left click on the annual fee amount field (light gray box).

  • You may need to round off the result in the light gray box after clicking.

  • Mooring permit holder must also pay for mandatory mooring maintenance. He is charged no rental fee for using his own mooring, but every other user of his mooring does pay rental fee.

Avalon Non–Transient 40’ Mooring

For the permit holder of a 40 foot mooring, his cost, not including maintenance, the permit fee is $350.40 393.60 per year (or $8.76 9.84/ft./yr.).

Avalon Transient Moorings

The following table presents the fees for transient use of Avalon moorings by anyone other than the permit holder himself. The permit holder pays no rental fee when he uses his mooring himself.

Avalon Transient Mooring Fees (US$)

Vessel length (feet) Daily Rate Monthly Total Equiv. Rate Monthly equiv. rate (ft./mo.)
< 31 30.00 900.00 30.00 (for 30’)
31’ to 39 27 34 810.00 1,020.00 20.77 26.15 to 26.13 32.90
40’ to 49’ 35 41 1050.00 1,230.00 21.43 25.10 to 26.25 30.75
50’ to 59’ 45 51 1350.00 1,530.00 22.88 25.93 to 27.00 30.60
60’ to 69’ 58 66 1740.00 1,980.00 25.22 28.70 to 29.00 33.00
70’ to 79’ 71 81 2130.00 2,430.00 26.96 30.76 to 30.43 34.71
80’ to 89’ 82 92 2460.00 2,760.00 29.66 31.01 to 30.75 34.50
90’ to 99’ 96 109 2880.00 3,270.00 29.09 33.03 to 32.00 36.33
100’ or > 109 123 3270.00 3,690.00 32.70 36.90 (for 100’)
  • Seasonal special prices are offered; in the winter, you can pay for two nights and stay five. When the permit holder is not using his mooring, the City rents the mooring and City keeps this revenue.

Avalon Transient 40’ Mooring

An Avalon mooring for a non–permit holder costs $1,050 1,230 per month ($26.25 30.75/ft./mo. for a 40’ foot boat), or $12,600 14,760 per year ($316.00 369.00/ft./yr. for 40’ boat).

Avalon City-Owned Moorings

The vast majority of moorings in Avalon are owned by individuals, but the City does own some (fewer than 50) moorings which it leases to individuals. These are leased on year–long terms at more affordable rates than daily rates. On the waiting list for these moorings, priority is given to vessels which provide essential harbor services, but no more than 20% of such moorings may be so prioritized.

Avalon Liveaboards

Avalon Municipal Code Section 10-2.212 (f) states that no liveaboard permit is required of mooring owners but a Long Term Vessel Permit is required of other boaters who stay longer than 15 days. No fee is specified.

Avalon Transferability

Five percent of the mooring sale price is the Avalon mooring transfer fee. Permit holder can transfer mooring with no boat. Must also pay PIT to Los Angeles County on mooring.

Avalon Special Fees

$5/year waiting list fee for the City–owned leased moorings with 500 people on list.

Newport Beach

33° 35.212’N, 117° 52.669’W

NOAA 18754

OCSD Harbor Patrol (949) 723-1002 or VHF channel 16 (24/7/365)

Harbor Patrol – mooring, guest dock, launch ramp info — mooring info from City's Harbor Resources Division

Balboa Marina – City–owned marina information – Visiting Boaters’ Guide from the City (pdf–4.65MB)pdf icon

NMA Visiting Boats FAQ – web page opens in a new window

Newport Beach Location Overview

Newport Harbor is in Newport Beach, located about 20 miles southeast of Long Beach harbor on the Orange County coast. The harbor was naturally formed but much improved by Army Corps of Engineers dredging in the 1930's to suit small craft. San Diego Creek (on Wikipedia) empties into Upper Newport Bay the runoff from about 112 square miles of upland watershed. Sediment accumulation displaces precious species habitat in the Upper Bay and jeopardizes safe navigation of small craft in the Lower Bay. The City has nearly completed dredging of the Upper Bay to restore habitat and hopes to begin harbor–wide maintenance dredging of the Lower Bay. Today the harbor offers both berths and moorings (view on Google Maps). The harbor is formed by the Balboa Peninsula. Local attractions include the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum, the Pavillion, Fashion Island, South Coast Plaza, and Disneyland (about 40 minutes from the harbor). Newport Beach began as a summer place for families from Riverside and Pasadena but today is a renowned resort destination. A distinguishing characteristic of Newport Harbor is private ownership of the majority of property fronting the public tidelands. Many bayfront residences have their own private piers with slips.

Newport Beach Harbor Facilities

Anchorage Yes, 5 days free in the public anchorage; 72 hours in the roadstead off of Corona del Mar State Beach.
Moorings Vast majority of moorings are City–permitted to individuals. About 800 offshore moorings and 400 onshore moorings maintained by permit holders; most offshore moorings are double–point; BYC & NHYC maintain a total of about 150 single–point moorings. Berths Approximately 3,600; see City marina amenities or list of other marinas (pdf–45KB)pdf icon
Transient moorings yes, up to 70’ (10 foot draft or less); available first–come, first–served from Harbor Patrol for $5 16 or 27 (seasonal)/day Transient berths yes, Dunes Marina (see slip info), also Harbor Master’s 5 slips (to 40’)
Amenities 1,032’ Newport Pier, fishing charters, fast food concessions, restaurants, bars. Diesel, ice, water & pump-out available. Balboa Island Ferry runs to Balboa Peninsula. Public dinghy docks undergoing expansion to accommodate more mooring users’ dinghies.

Note: Harbor Patrol rents unused individually–permitted moorings to transient vessels, as they are available, for $5/day.

Newport Harbor Fees

Newport Harbor has flat rates (per foot) for moorings and varied, generally high, rates for berths. Newport Beach assesses mooring permit holders a $20/ft./year mooring permit fee. A mooring accommodates a single vessel. Homeowners with private docks pay about $100/year for a pier permit; a private pier may accommodate several vessels. Commercial pier permit holders pay the City a permit fee on a per–square–foot basis.

Newport Harbor Berths

Berths are available in the City–owned Balboa Yacht Basin and from private marina operators. Limited transient berths are available; most marinas offer only non–transient accommodation. Over the past ten years or so, fees charged in some private Newport Harbor marinas have escalated to dizzying heights. In the current economic climate, at least one marina not included in this survey has dropped its rates 25% and still has numerous unfilled slips.

Newport Harbor Non–Transient Berths

The City publishes the rates for its marina, called Balboa Yacht Basin. Newport Dunes publishes its rates so they are available for comparison. The following table shows berth rates in Newport Harbor; it is not a complete listing of all marinas and their prices:

Newport Harbor Non–Transient Berthing Fees

—City & private marina

Berth length in feet 29 30 32 36 40 45 46 50 54 55 60 & >
Balboa Yacht Basin (US$/ft./mo.) 18.00 18.00 18.00 18.00 19.00 19.00 19.00 23.00 23.00 23.00 23.00
Balboa Yacht Basin Monthly (US$) 504 558 (as 31’) 576 648 760 855 874 1150 1380 (as 60’) 1380 (as 60’) 1380
Dunes Marina (US$/ft./mo.) 23.75 29.00 29.00 31.25 39.50 39.50 42.00 n/aß n/a n/a n/a
Dunes Monthly (US$) 665 870 928 1125 1580 1777.50 1932 n/a n/a n/a n/a

Berthing fees are charged at the greater length of berth or boat (tip to tip).

Sources: Balboa Yacht Basin rates (pdf–145KB)pdf icon and Dunes Marina rates are shown for comparison. Bellport and California Recreation elect not to publish their rates.


Balboa Yacht Basin’s smallest slip is 25 feet; other berths measure 31’, 35’, 40’, 45’, 50’, 60’, and 75’. Balboa Yacht Basin offers no transient vessel accommodation. The marina has a high percentage of narrow slips because it was built when boats were narrower. Currently full.

ßDunes Marina’s smallest slip is 22 feet and largest slip is 46 feet. Pool and spa, gym, laundry, dinghy racks, security.

Newport Harbor Transient Berths

The Dunes Marina offers limited transient berthing. For vessels 31’ and under, $50/day; vessels 32’ to 37’, $60/day; vessels 38’ and up, $70/day. Holiday and holiday weekends, add $10 per day to these rates. Alternatively, the Harbor Master offers five reasonably priced guest slips on a first–come, first–served basis. These are available for $0.60/ft./day with a $10 minimum. The fee, for example, for a 40’ boat in one of these berths, would be $24/day.

Newport Harbor Moorings

Newport Harbor offers non-transient and transient offshore moorings. These are moorings within the harbor but without physical connection to shore. The harbor also has non–transient shore moorings for boats under 18 feet; these allow some mooring permit holders to keep a skiff and others to keep various launches and sailboats at the water's edge. The City and County own very few moorings. The vast majority are individually permitted. The Harbor Patrol is the only entity which may rent moorings for transient use; no individual mooring permit holder may rent his mooring. However, a mooring permit holder may loan his mooring to a friend for a month or two. The Newport Harbor Yacht Club and Balboa Yacht Clubs manage mooring fields and rent them at retail rates to members or allow transient use by boaters from reciprocal clubs or international voyagers. The Lido Isle Community Association manages shore moorings on Lido Isle.

Newport Harbor Non-Transient Moorings

Permit fees for moorings are collected by the City of Newport Beach on an annual basis at $20 55.43/ft./yr. of mooring. This is a flat rate without seasonal or size variation.

Newport Harbor Mooring Permit Fees (US$)

Vessel size Annual total Monthly equivalent Annual per–foot
20 400 1,108.60 33.33 92.83 20 55.43
30 600 1,662.90 50 138.56 20 55.43
40 800 2,217.12 66.67 184.76 20 55.43
50 1,000 2,771.50 83.33 230.96 20 55.43
60 1,200 3,325.80 100 277.15 20 55.43
  • These fees are assessed annually.

  • Inspection is required biannually (every other year) and permit holder must pay for any needed repairs.

Newport Harbor Non–Transient 40’ Mooring

The annual fee for a 40’ moored vessel is $800 per year. Biannual mandatory inspection fee is about $250, not including any needed repair. There are at least two mooring services providers in the area.

Newport Harbor Transient Moorings

The harbor offers seven first–come, first–served transient use moorings located in Carnation Cove (view on Google Maps. These are the deepest moorings in Newport Harbor and offer ten feet of depth at low tide. As they are available, additional unused individually–permitted moorings may also be rented for transient use by the Harbor Master. Moorings can accommodate vessels from 20 feet up to 70 feet for the flat fee of $5/day. For transient use, the May 1—Oct 31 maximum stay is 15 days in 30, but can only be paid in five–day increments. From Nov 1—Apr 31, the stay can be 60 days. Newport Harbor Yacht Club has a limited number of moorings (vessels up to 55’ from reciprocal clubs or those from international ports) available for transient use. It offers two days free, and thereafter charges $25 flat per day. That includes 7:30am to dusk shoreboat service, rowboats, limited dock access, restaurant access, 24/7/365 restroom and shower access, trash, private off–street parking, water. Balboa Yacht Club offers similar service to reciprocal clubs.

Newport Harbor Transient 40’ Mooring

The monthly fee for a 40’ moored transient vessel is $150 $480 or $810 depending on season. While not possible to pay a monthly fee at one visit (and not possible to stay for a month on a mooring May 1—October 31), the rate is shown here for comparison purposes. On an annual basis, for comparison, this equals $1,800 5,760 per year (assuming low season rate for whole year, which is currently not possible). This is a flat rate, without variance as to vessel size. For a 40’ boat on an annual basis, this is equal to $45 144/ft./yr. or $3.75 12/ft./mo.

Newport Harbor Liveaboards

Living aboard a mooring in Newport Harbor has its challenges. Parking is limited, and seasonally nonexistant (summer). Newport Harbor has limited dinghy dock space, but several dinghy docks are currently getting extensions to allow more use. The City will permit approximately 51 liveaboards (7% of permitted moorings) in the harbor, but currently only about half of the possible permits have been requested. Liveaboards must be inspected annually; the fee for this inspection is $184 311. They are also required to keep a log of their use of local pumpout stations.

Newport Harbor Transferability

A homeowner with a tidelands permit for his pier may transfer it to the buyer of his home. A mooring permit holder may also transfer his mooring with sale of his boat. Currently there is a nominal flat transfer fee paid to the City, currently under US$ 40 equal to half of one year’s permit fee. From 2010 through 2020, any mooring may be tranfered only twice. If no longer desired, and it has been twice transfered, it must be returned to the City. After 2020, no transfer is permitted except to family member within second degree of consanguinity (free of charge).

Newport Harbor Special Fees

Dinghies: the new dinghy dock extensions may provide an option for a dinghy permit allowing longer–term storage for a fee (TBD).

Parking: subject to local street sweeping or metered parking regulations, limited parking on City streets is available.

Wait List - the waiting list for moorings is currently closed.

Biannual inspections on mooring tackle. Any maintenance cost is the responsibility of the private party. Inspections are performed by a City–authorized mooring services provider, usually $250 to $300 $400 to $800 every other year.

Mission Bay - San Diego

33° 45.360’N, 117° 16.211’W

NOAA 18765

Developed Parks Division, San Diego Parks & Recreation (619) 235–1169 – general mooring info – mooring application and fees (pdf–534KB)pdf icon – Driscoll Mission Bay monthly berth rates – Hyatt Regency Islandia Spa and Marina brochure (pdf–225KB)pdf icon

Mission Bay marinas

Mission Bay Location Overview

Mission Bay (view on Google Maps) is a totally sheltered small–craft recreational harbor, located in Mission Beach. It is a 4,000 acre aquatic park and home to SeaWorld. Sailing, kiteboarding, rowing, water–skiing, are only a few popular uses of this beach–lined bay. Mission Bay only permits limited moorings for vessels up to 25’ in size. There are a number of fine marinas, including Driscoll’s Marina and Shipyard (or see rates such as $11/mo. for a 40’ slip), the Dana Inn and Marina, and the deluxe Hyatt Regency Islandia Spa and Marina with full resort amenities. Mooring size and numbers are very limited in Mission Bay (to 25’), with almost no amenities provided beyond beach bars for dinghy storage (additional $131/year permit fee required). Entrance to Mission Bay is constricted by a bridge (West Mission Bay Drive) with clearance over water of 38 feet. Several marinas (Hyatt Regency, Driscoll's, Seaforth), and the Mariner’s Basin anchorage, are located seaward of this bridge; the bridge does not restrict vessels headed to these destinations. Mission Bay is a No–discharge harbor.

Mission Bay Facilities

Anchorage Yes, inside harbor, 72 hour anchorage may be taken in Mariner’s Basin.
Moorings 552 maximum, (25' max) of which about 60 are available, in Mariner’s Basin, San Juan Cove, and Santa Barbara Cove. Berths Yes, in several marinas
Transient moorings None Transient berths Yes, Driscoll’s Marina, Hyatt Regency Islandia, others
Amenities For mooring permit holders, amenities are very limited. For mooring permit holders, some dinghy storage is available on beach bars for which a separate permit is required ($131/year) from Parks & Recreation. In general the area offers hotels, restaurants and bars. Sewage pump-outs available at San Juan Cove, Marina Village, and Hyatt Regency Islandia Hotel (Quivira Basin). Driscoll’s Marina offers restrooms & showers, laundry and water, electricity. The Hyatt Regency offers those amenities plus groceries, fuel dock, pump out, ice, gym, pools, parking, even room service to your slip.

Note: Mission Bay is a no discharge harbor.

Mission Bay Fees

Mission Bay moorings are administered by the San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation. The City charges a flat rate, mooring–size independent, for mooring placement. Marinas offer a wide range of pricing for berth fees.

Mission Bay Berths

Mission Bay Yacht Club, several marinas and hotels provide transient and non–transient berthage in a range of prices. Berths run from $11/ft./mo. for a 40’ berth at Driscoll’s to $17.75/ft./mo. at the Hyatt Regency; both marinas are located in Quivira Basin (view on Google Maps). (Hyatt Dockmaster at (619) 224-1234). Driscoll’s Marina offers the typical marina experience (electricity, water, laundry, restrooms & showers, parking for vessels up to 90 feet) while the Hyatt offers full resort amenities, including previously mentioned amenities plus market, dockhands, gym, pools, even room service to the slip! (for vessels up to 80 feet). Mission Bay Yacht Club also has berths and can accommodate a limited number of transient vessels from reciprocal yacht clubs.

Mission Bay Non–Transient Berths

The following table shows rates for two marinas (one high–end, one mainstream) in Mission Bay:

Mission Bay Non–Transient Berthing Fees

—private marinas

Berth length in feet 25 30 32 36 40 45 50 55 & > 60 & >
Driscoll Marina (US$/ft./mo.) 10.50 11.00 11.00 n/a 11.00 12.00 12.00 13.00 13.00
Driscoll Monthly (US$) 262.50 330.00 352.00 n/a 440.00 540.00 600.00 715.00 (55’ boat) 780.00
Hyatt Marina (US$/ft./mo.) n/a 15.77 n/a 16.11 17.75 18.11 19.60 19.82 20.00
Hyatt Monthly (US$) n/a 473.00 n/a 580.00 710.00 815.00 980.00 1090.00 1200.00 (60’ boat)

Non–Transient berthing fees are charged at the greater length of berth or boat.

Sources: Hyatt Regency Islandia Marina and Spa rates – (doc–22.5KB)word icon; Driscoll Marina rates.

Mission Bay Transient Berths

Driscoll Marina charges $1/ft./day for stays under a month; but for stays over a month, it charges $17/ft./mo. The Hyatt Regency charges a flat $50/day for transient visits, but $100/day on holiday weekends. Hyatt Marina transient reservations – (doc–26KB)word icon currently limited to vessels up to 35’.

Mission Bay Moorings

Mission Bay offers a maximum of 552 mooring permits, of which 60 are currently available. Mooring size is limited to 25 feet! Moorings may only be placed in a few parts of Mission Bay (San Juan Cove, Santa Barbara Cove, and Mariners Basin). The annual mooring permit fee is $610 (or $24.40/ft./yr. for a 25’ boat). The Parks & Recreation Department can cancel any mooring permit with 5 days notice! Mooring permit holder owns the tackle and may sell it (but not the permit); he must also pay for mandatory annual inspections and any required repairs to his tackle. There are no transient moorings; the Harbor Patrol does not rent individually–permitted moorings to visiting boats.

Mooring permit holders may apply for limited dinghy storage on beach bars for which a separate permit and fee is required, $131/year.

Mission Bay Liveaboards

No liveaboards are permitted in Mission Bay. Mooring permit holders may not even spend the night on their boats, but transient boaters are accommodated.

Mission Bay Transferability

Mission Bay mooring permits are not transferable but the mooring tackle is transferable. The Park Department points out that although a person may buy someone else’s tackle, he still needs to obtain a mooring permit.

San Diego

32° 38.402’N, 117° 13.574’W

NOAA 18773

San Diego Mooring Company (619) 291-0916 (Mon–Fri 8:00a–4:30p)

Harbor Patrol Mooring Office (619) 686–6227 (Hours: 7a–11a, 12–4 every day) – for anchoring permits & transient dock use.

San Diego anchoring info – from Venture Yacht Club (pdf–52KB)pdf icon

San Diego marinas

Anchoring and mooring info – from Marina Sailing

San Diego Business Journal – 2008 survey of San Diego marinas by size (with fees).

Water taxi – on–call 9am to 9pm (619) 235-TAXI; $7 one–way

San Diego Location Overview

San Diego Bay (view on Google Maps) is a world-renowned multi-purpose port with recreational, commercial, and military users. It is where California’s maritime history began in 1542 when Cabrillo sailed into the bay. Today this world–class harbor is home to many recreational marinas, hotels, and yacht clubs with slips and side ties. A multitude of amenities are available. Among the slip and side tie providers are San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina, Bay Club Hotel & Marina, Sunroad San Diego, Harbor Island West, Sheraton Hotel & Marina, Kona Kai, SDYC, SWYC, Shelter Cove Marina, CYC, and Chula Vista Marina—an incomplete list. The San Diego Harbor Patrol offers attractively priced transient slips. This survey has very limited coverage of San Diego berth options. In San Diego Bay, all moorings are managed by a single private entity (San Diego Mooring Co.) under contract. Individuals do not hold the permits. Portions of San Diego Bay are subject to a 5 knot speed limit.

San Diego Harbor Facilities

Anchorage Yes, inside harbor, areas A-1, A-5, A-8, A-9; restrictions, permits are required (issued 1 day in advance–no same day permits.
Moorings 462 moorings in four fields managed by SDMC. Med–style, double–point and single–point. Berths Approximately 8,200 in numerous marinas and yacht clubs
Transient moorings yes; SDMC Transient berths Yes, numerous, from yacht clubs, marinas, and the San Diego Harbormaster at Shelter Island
Amenities Harbor area attractions include Embarcadero Marina Park, Seaport Village, San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum with USS Midway, San Diego Maritime Museum including the Star of India, HMS Surprise, Medea,and ferry boat Berkeley. The area has water taxi service, a harbor ferry, numerous restaurants and bars; some have dinghy tie–up or dock and dine access. Humphreys on Shelter Island offers concerts on the bay. Fuel docks, ice, water & pump-outs are available (in Shelter Island area, use Harbor Patrol dock). Marinas and yacht clubs offer their users restrooms & showers, electricity, laundry, dinghy storage, security and parking; some also offer pools, jacuzzi, tennis (SDYC), Loews Coronado (on DBAW site), Harbor Island West (no tennis). There are several public launch ramps (or The area has at least two excellent marine supply providers (Downwind Marine and West Marine). About the only amenity for mooring users are two dinghy docks or other means of securing a dinghy. (see 1 and 2).

Portions of San Diego are indicated as no discharge areas. La Playa Cove, between SDYC and SWYC is one such area. All parts of the harbor less than 30’ deep at MLLW are part of the San Diego NDZ. Other areas are regulated by 40 CFR 140.

San Diego Fees

San Diego mooring fees are size-independent, flat fees, but the amount of the fee varies with mooring field location. There are so many marinas in San Diego that researching all of them would be an entire project in itself. Here, rates for one club and several marinas are shown.

San Diego Berths

There are more than a dozen marinas with berths throughout San Diego Bay. Hotels such as Loews Crown Isle Resort in Coronado and others, and yacht clubs also offer berths, both to transient and non–transient vessels. The San Diego Harbor Patrol also maintains well–kept, very attractively priced transient slips.

San Diego Non–Transient Berths

There are thousands, from many marinas and yacht clubs, which provides healthy competition with varying rates. Here is a brief sample:

San Diego Non–Transient Berthing Fees

—private marinas

Berth length in feet 28 30 32 36 40 45 46 50 54 55 60 & >
Shelter Cove Marina (US$/ft./mo.) 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.50 17.50 19.50 19.50 22.50 (as 54’) 22.50 22.50 26.00
Shelter Cove Monthly (US$) 448 480 512 594 700 897 897 1215 1215 1237.50 1722.50
Sunroad Marina (US$/ft./mo.) 19.82 18.50 18.50 18.50 19.00 19.00 19.00 22.00 30.56ß 30.00 30.00
Sunroad Monthly (US$) 555 555 592 666 760 855 874 1100 1650ß 1650 1800 (60’ boat)
Harbor Is. West (US$/ft./mo.) 15.40 16.25 16.25 16.50 17.00 17.00 17.00 17.50 17.50# 17.50 18.00
Harbor Is. West Monthly (US$) 431.20 487.50 520.00 594.00 680.00 765.00 782.00 875.00 962.50# 962.50 1080 (60’ boat)
Chula Vista Marina (US$/ft./mo.) 12.50 13.00 13.00 13.00 14.00 14.50 14.50 14.75 15.50 15.50 16.50
Chula Vista Monthly (US$) 350 390 416 468 560 652.50 667 737.50 837 852.50 990 (60’ boat)

Berthing fees are charged at the greater length of berth or boat (tip to tip).

Sources: Shelter Cove Marina rates; Sunroad Marina rates (pdf–46KB)pdf icon, Harbor Island West rates and Chula Vista Marina rates. Electricity not included (some exceptions—for instance, Harbor Island West slips to 32’).


Shelter Cove’s smallest slip is 28 feet; a 25’ boat in a 28 foot slip is billed at the greater 28 foot rate (28 feet x $16.00/ft./mo. = $448.00/mo.). Similarly, Shelter Cove does not offer a 60 foot slip, but does offer 65’ slips; a 60’ boat would be billed for the greater 65 foot slip, at the 65’ rate. Does not show end–tie (add $2/ft. to above) or side–rates.

Sunroad Marina’s smallest slip is 30 foot, so a 28’ pays for a 30 foot slip. 36’ fee quoted is for 14’ beam slip; 12’ beam slip is $630/mo. (equal to $17.50/ft./mo).
ßSunroad does not offer a 54’ slip so a 54 foot boat would be charged for a 55’ slip; a 55’ slip on L Dock is $1,650/mo. but on M Dock is $1,595/mo.

#Harbor Island West allows 3’ overhang; a 54’ boat would be placed in a 55’ berth and charged for that berth length. Does not include side–ties or end–ties. Over 60’ at US$ 18/ft./mo; reciprocal privileges at Ventura West Marina.

San Diego Transient Berths

San Diego Harbor Master offers thirty transient slips available on a first–come, first–served basis, for vessels up to 55 feet, at $10.50/day (flat rate) for first 5 days, $21/day (flat rate) for next 5 days; use limited to 10 days’s stay in a 40 day period. San Diego Yacht Club charges US$ 1/ft./day. Month–long stays may not be offered; the figures are shown here only for comparison purposes.

San Diego Transient Berth Fees (US$)

Marina Berth size (feet) Daily Rate (ft./day) Monthtly Equiv. Rate/ft.
SDYC all 1 30
Shelter Cove <= 46’ 2 60
Shelter Cove >= 47’ 2.50 75σ
Sunroad Marina all 3 90
Harbor Is. West < 50’ 35/day 1050 (flat)
Harbor Is. West >= 50’ 40/day 1200 (flat)
Chula Vista Marina all 1 30
SD Harbor Master all 10.50/day (days 1–5) 315 (flat)
SD Harbor Master all 21/day (days 6–10) 600 (flat)
  • Shelter Cove also charges transient boats 47’ and more for electricity, as well as a liveaboard fee if applicable.

  • Transient use is typically limited to 30 days or less; some marinas offer only two weeks’ stay maximum.

  • The Harbor Master permits only 10 days stay in 40, no month–long stays are available.

San Diego Moorings

Moorings are available for a flat monthly fee which varies by mooring field location. The application fee is a one-time fee charged up–front on joining the mooring waiting list.

The San Diego Mooring Company rents and maintains the 462 moorings located throughout San Diego Bay. There are four different locations with rates which vary, not by size, but by location (mooring field location), from $128.17 – $157.07 per month. Parking and shore services are not provided. Near the Laurel Street and America’s Cup Harbor mooring areas, public dinghy docks are available. The Bay Bridge area and the Shelter Island Roadstead offer a beach stay chain, to which a dinghy may be locked. No extra fee is assessed.

San Diego Monthly Mooring Fees (US$)

Area Rate Annual App Fee**
A1—Shelter Island Roadstead 128.17 1538.04 64.00
A2—America’s Cup Harbor (rows B–J <30’) 147.57 1770.84 74.00
A2—America’s Cup Harbor (rows L–V 30’–65’) 157.07 1884.844 79.00
A3—Laurel Street Roadstead 138.02 1656.24 69.00
A3—Laurel Street Med–tie (<35’) 147.57 1770.84 74.00
A3—Laurel Street Double-point 147.57 1770.84 74.00
A4—Bay Bridge Roadstead (Coronado) 128.17 1538.04 64.00
  • App. Fee: This is the waiting list fee for a mooring.

  • Prices current as of 2010-02. On a $/ft./yr. basis, this is about $30.95/ft./yr. net of required maintenance.

Mooring rental rates shown above are retail rates; there is no additional charge for mooring maintenance. The San Diego Mooring Company is responsible for inspecting and maintaining the moorings. The permit holder only pays for that portion of the mooring tackle above the mooring ball, which means the mooring pendants or hawsers, swivel, shackles.

Non-transient 40’ mooring

Fee varies by location but they are size-independent. For comparison purposes, a 40’ mooring in the Shelter Island Roadstead costs $128.17/mo. x 12 mo/yr = $1,538.04/yr. On a per foot per year basis, this equals $38.45/ft./yr.. NOTE: this is a retail rate which includes maintenance performed by the San Diego Mooring Company at its expense. For comparison purposes, we assume cost of ballast, chain, and float maintenance of about $300 per year per mooring included in this retail rate. $1,538.04 less $300 maintenance equals $1,238.04, or $30.95 per foot per year net of maintenance.

Transient 40’ mooring

12 transient moorings are available for up to 30 days use at a flat rate of $7.50 per day ($225/mo.). Occasionally more than 12 moorings may be available for transient use; this depends on whether non–transient users are away for extended periods.

San Diego Liveaboards

The Port of San Diego places no limit or additional regulation on liveaboard boaters and charges them no additional fee whether in a berth, moored, or anchored.

San Diego Marina Liveaboard Monthly Fees (US$)

Marina Monthly Fee Addl. person (each) Other
SDYC 130 30  
Shelter Cove 225 125 no pets
Sunroad Marina 500    
Harbor Is. West 150 100  
Chula Vista Marina 350    
SD Harbor Master none    
SDMC none    
  • Liveaboard fee in addition to normal berth fee.

  • The Harbor Master permits only 10 days stay in 40, no month–long stays are available. The Unified Ports of San Diego assesses no fee on liveaboards and does not regulate them in marinas or on moorings; no inspection fees or other fees relating to living aboard.

  • Chula Vista’s liveaboard rate assumes two people; no single–person rate is offered.

San Diego Transferability

Moorings are managed on behalf of the City of San Diego by the San Diego Mooring Company. Individuals do not hold the permits, therefore they are not transferable.

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