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Mooring Fee Comparison by Port

Pillar Point to San Diego

October 2008

Note: This document is superceded by the 2010 mooring fees survey.

Pillar Point

General:  The Harbor District operates two facilities, Pillar Point Harbor at Half Moon Bay in Princeton, and Oyster Point Marina/Park in the City of South San Francisco. The City owns Oyster Point, and the District runs it for the City under a Joint Powers Agreement. Pillar Point is a 369 berth working fishing harbor. Pillar Point Harbor is a protected harbor of refuge along the San Mateo County California Coast. Pillar Point Harbor is home port to a vital commercial fishing industry, to sport fishermen, and to pleasure boaters seeking the amenities this modern coastal harbor facility provides. The Harbor has 369 berths and an inner and outer breakwater, making it one of the safest harbors in the United States.   The harbor also has 115 moorings.

Harbor Facilities:

Anchorage – Outside, exposed
Anchorage – inside, none

Moorings – 75 private, 40 owned by Harbor District.
Berths – 369 Harbor District owned

Guest moorings – yes, limited
Transient berths – yes, limited

Amenities - Pillar Point supports the following amenities for commercial and pleasure boaters:  Restrooms/showers, pay boat wash, dinghy storage, designated parking, berths have electricity, there is a public hoist and launch ramp.


Berthing fees seasonal and range from

Low - $7.30 to $7.40 per foot per month low plus a $15 base fee.

High - $7.83 to $7.94 per foot per month low plus a $15 base fee. 

Annual fee for 40’ berthed vessel:  $3696

Moorings, two types, private and Harbor District owned.  Privately owned fee is $1.50/ft/month.  HD owned is $4.00 per foot per month.

Annual fee for 40’ moored vessel:  Privately owned - $720; Harbor District owned - $1920

**Special Fees:

Liveaboards are allowed -  senior discounts available. $305/mo – 350/mo

Prepayment of berthing fees earn one month free rent.

Future Plans:

New Restrooms (and reuse of existing restroom site), Johnson Pier Repairs, 40-Berth Project (including boat haul-out), New Pier and Channel (including Romeo Pier disposition), Dredging.


Scott Pryor of the Monterey Harbor Office. (831) 646-3950

General: Monterey Harbor is located in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  It provides a natural setting for the Monterey Harbor and the Monterey Municipal Marina. Located in the City of Monterey along Del Monte Avenue, the Harbor and Marina provide access to a variety of recreational as well as commercial opportunities for residents and visitors alike.  A part of the Harbor, the Marina has become a destination in and of itself as people travel from miles around to launch their boat for fishing or leisure purposes. Monterey Municipal Marina is a 413 slip, full service marina with public launch ramp conveniently located.  Monterey also boasts 150 year round, plus seasonal moorings in a more exposed area.

Harbor Facilities:

Anchorage - The area east of Wharf II and the East Moorings is open anchorage with good holding.

Moorings – 150 private year round moorings, also, seasonally, more exposed moorings.

Berths – 413 in Municipal full service marina; 80 in private Breakwater Marina

Guest Moorings – yes, seasonal

Transient berths – yes, multiple

Amenities – All amenities of modern facility, restroom/shower/laundry.  Parking permits with boater preference.  Launch ramps, hoists, dinghy storage, electricity, etc.


Berthing fees are tiered from 50’ to 20’ rates.

Annual fee for 40’ vessel in the municipal Marina:  $3262.  Private marina:  $6000.

Moorings - two types, one seasonal, one permanent.  Each has different rate.

Monthly rates for the East Moorings (available from April 1 through October 31) are determined by vessel size and include a spot on the dinghy dock:

    * Under 30': $83

    * 30-40': $110

    * 41-54': $138

    * 55 and over: $165

Annual fee for 40’ moored: $1320 per year. Includes dry dinghy storage.

Seasonal moorings are outside harbor and not well protected. (available from April 1 through October 31)

**Special Fees

Dinghy fee is from $54 to $90 quarterly.

All fees receive 10% discount for advance yearly payment.

Wait list - $20 initial/ $10 Annual

Transfer fee $50

Annual Parking permit - $120

Morro Bay

Polly- (805)772-6254

General:  Morro Bay is centrally located on the coast, the harbor protected by the famous rock and man-made breakwater.  The Bay is the home of many fishing boats as well as a large recreational boater population. Many boats are older, neglected and possibly abandoned. Morro Bay is the home of modern full service marinas, both private and municipal each supporting restrooms, electricity, water, laundry, phones, launch ramp, fuel dock nearby, dock boxes, showers at park, groceries nearby, security, parking, picnic area, snack bar/restaurant, inside this nicely protected harbor.  There over 200 slips with moorings available as well, both private and city owned. The entrance can be tricky/dangerous at times of weather.

Harbor Facilities
Anchorage: Outside, no Inside: yes, 30 days
Moorings Privately owned: 67
City owned: 8
Yacht Club owned: 25
Marina owned: 25
Berths 125 plus
Guest moorings: yes
Transient berths yes, MBYC

Amenities:  see above


Privately owned and maintained:  $72 per month all sizes

City owned:  $163 per month, all sizes

40’ boat on city mooring:  $1956
Private mooring:  $864

Liveaboard fee $107 annual application + $14 city fee

40’ Moorings have sold around $15K lately

Private moorings are on month to month lease which can be cancelled by either party in 30 days!

Port San Luis

Mara – (805) 595-5400 -

General:  Port San Luis Harbor District is a political sub-division of the State of California and an independent special district. The Harbor was organized and validated, under the California Harbors and Navigation Code, Section 6042, on January 27, 1954.

Existing Port facilities and services consist of: The Harford Pier, 1460 feet long, has a charter boat facility, (2) 2,000 pound limit coin hoists, a 1,000 pound limit coin operated hoist, fish markets, fast food concessions, a restaurant and bar.  Diesel fuel, ice, water and a pump out facility are available on the west end of the Harford Pier. Moorings, approximately 250 in number, are privately owned by Harbor patrons and are maintained by the Harbor District. Guest moorings are also available.

Harbor Facilities:

Anchorage:  yes, open

Moorings:  Single point - 250 privately owned, maintained by Port San Luis                      

Berths:  none

Guest moorings:  yes, limited $6 to $12 per night, limit 14 day maximum stay

Fees:  from $25 to $34 per month depending on size. 

The quarterly space rent is as follows:

* up to 35 feet = $ 84.00

* 36 feet to 55 feet = $ 102.00

* 56 feet to 75 feet = $ 117.00

Annual fee for 40’ moored: $408 per year.

**Special Fees

Wait List - $75 initial/ 20 annual

Transfer fee - $30

Yearly inspections on mooring tackle. Any maintenance cost is the responsibility of the private party. Inspections are free of charge if no maintenance is required.

Santa Barbara

Kathy- Clerical Spvsr – (805)564-5531

Santa Barbara Harbor shelters 1,133 vessels, both pleasure and commercial.  It is operated by the Waterfront Department of the City of Santa Barbara, managing approximately 252 acres of tidelands and submerged lands encompassing the Harbor and Stearns Wharf. These lands belong to the State and are held in trust by the City of Santa Barbara through a tidelands grant.

Port facilities consist of approximately 1,133 slips, there are no moorings, nor anchorage inside the breakwater. Depth: approx. 15 ft.  Santa Barbara allows live-aboard slips numbering approximately 113. Guest slips: approximately 100, at $.60/ft./night for days 1 to 14; $1.20/ft./night for days 15 to 28. Length: 20-60 ft. End ties: 100 ft.  Restrooms, electricity, snack bar, picnic area, laundry, marine supply store, mail service, water, sewage pump-out, bilge pump-out, launch ramp, fuel dock, restaurants, showers, security, parking.

Anchorage:  outside breakwater, seasonal for short stay visitors from April to October just east of Stearns Wharf.  Further east is the Year Round Anchorage.

Moorings:  approximately 45 in the East Santa Barbara Mooring Area
Guest moorings:  none

Berthing Fees: Fees assessed on greater of boat length or slip length.
20 Foot Slip $6.98/ft/mo
25 Foot Slip $7.33/ft/mo
28 Foot Slip $7.51/ft/mo
30 Foot Slip $7.67/ft/mo
35 Foot Slip $8.01/ft/mo
40 Foot Slip $8.33/ft/mo
43 Foot Slip $8.54/ft/mo
45 Foot Slip $8.68/ft/mo
50 Foot and up $9.01/ft/mo

**Special Fees

Live-aboard Fee - $140.00/mo

Slip Transfer - Vessel sale, slip permit reassignment or transfer, add of partner - $200 - $225 p/foot

Processing Fee - Slip trades, new boat in slip, addition of spouse to slip permit. - $25.00

Waiting Lists:

Slip - $50.00 Lottery List Placement Fee. / $40.00 Renewal fee per year

The yearly mooring permit fee for all moorings is $250. Moorings are non transferable

Lottery distribution system

Yearly inspections and repair paid by permittee.

San Diego

San Diego Mooring Company (619)291-0916

The San Diego Mooring Company rents and maintains the 437 moorings located throughout San Diego Bay.  There are four different locations with rates ranging from $128.17 - $157.07 per month depending on the location.  Parking and shore services are not provided.  At two locations there are public dinghy docks (Laurel Street and America's Cup Harbor and the other two have a beach stay chain to lock your dinghy to. (Baybridge and Shelter Island)

Area Monthly Chg App Fee
A1 - Shelter Island Roadstead $128.17 $64.00
A2 - America’s Cup Harbor (rows B-J) $147.57 $74.00
A2 - America’s Cup Harbor (rows L-V) $157.07 $79.00
A3 - Laurel St Roadstead $138.02 $69.00
A3 - Laurel St Mediterranean(< 35’) $147.57 $74.00
A4 - Bay Bridge Roadstead (Coronado) $128.17 $64.00

Also available- 12 transient moorings which are good up to 30 days at the rate of $7.50 per day.