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Moorings as We Knew Them

City Triples Mooring Fees, Transferability Ends 2021

But Intra-Family Tranfers Allowed

Second Reading of the Transferability Ordinance 12/14/2010

On 12/14/2010, at 5pm, City Council heard the second reading of the ordinance terminating mooring transferability in Newport Harbor. The second reading was pulled from the consent calendar and public comment from the Newtons and Mark Sites was heard. Again, not one voice from the citizenry made itself heard in support of the proposal. And so it was when the proposal was passed, with the same 4-2 vote as at the previous meeting, with Daigle and Gardner withholding support.

Other California harbors have done important and highly poignant homework on transferability, and lessons learned elsewhere could have better served Newport Beach City and public. This is a major issue worthy of patient, informed study. A dozen MMPSC volunteers, seven Harbor Commissioners, the previous Harbor Resources Director, the current Harbor Resources Director, and both the previous and current City Attorney put many hours into a transferability document which addresses transferability concerns. Hundreds of man hours from people who know and understand the harbor resulted in the right solution. The solution City Council adopted on 12/14 was not it.

City Council Agenda, Staff Report, Attachments for 12/14

Video of 12/14 Council Meeting


Notice to permit holders, 5 PM time of 12/14 vote

NMA 12/14 Communication to Council

The NMA Board plans no formal presentation. The second reading of the transferability ordinance will be requested pulled from the consent calendar. Some NMA Board members will speak without a formal presentation. Permit holders are also encouraged to speak. The NMA did send an email to all Council members following the 11/23 vote.

City Council Agenda, Staff Report, Attachments for 11/23

Video of 11/23 Council Meeting

  • Launch video of the council meeting.

    Below the video, click on the heading:
    19. MOORING CHARGES, etc.

Notice to permit holders of 11/23 vote

NMA 11/23 Presentation to Council

Click to the NMA's 11/23 presentation (*.ppt-1.6MB) ppt icon to City Council in PowerPoint format.

Summary of November 23rd City Council Vote

An overflow crowd in Council Chambers on 11/23 witnessed about two hours of thoughtful, intelligent comments from the public in opposition to the ad-hoc committee's proposal. Not a single comment was voiced in support of the Council proposal despite public notice. Nevertheless, Council voted 4-2 to approve the ad-hoc committee proposal.

The proposal ends transferability but allows a maximum of two out-of-family transfers for each permit between 2011 and 2021. Transfers of mooring permits to spouse or within a family are allowed within the limits of consanguinity specified in the ordinance. This means you'll need to study not only the ordinance, but also Wikipedia wiki icon (or your attorney, unless you understand second level of consanguinity), to understand what family members might be eligible to receive your mooring. A transfer fee equal to half of the annual permit fee will be assessed for all transfers.

Fees will increase over a five year span beginning January 2011. At then end of the five years, fees are to be 14% of a Newport marina index slip price for the same size slip as a given mooring. Given current permit fee of $20/ft/year, the price after five years will be about $60/ft/year using current slip price for a forty foot slip. You can compare that rate to other mooring fees in southern California.

Summary of November 9th City Council Study Session

A standing room only group met in City Council Chambers on Tuesday, November 9th at the study session on mooring fees and transferability. City Manager Dave Kiff presented the Ad-Hoc Committee's work in what he characterized as continuing dialogue on the topic. The NMA was given about 20 minutes to respond, divided between five representatives. The NMA's legal counsel, Greg Hatton, took the podium to comment on his research into discriminatory pricing practices between blocks of users of the tidelands. Then a number of other citizens were heard, but many others went unheard due to other Council commitments.

Councilperson Gardner asked to continue the study session, but the issue has been scheduled for the next regular City Council meeeting, and vote, on November 23rd. This issue will be voted on that night. Please be heard on that date in public comment if you were not able to speak on Nov. 9.

City Council Video of 11/09/2010 Study Session

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    Below the video, click on the heading:
    5. MOORING ISSUES. (4:40 P.M.)

Letters and Documents

Background Material

Did You Know?

The City gets somewhere in the vicinity of $800K it wouldn’t get if the tidelands were not here. What from? From unsecured taxes paid to the County on vessels floating in the harbor and vessels stored adjacent. The City gets back from the County about 17% of total unsecured property tax each year. The tidelands grant specifies all revenues directly and indirectly attributable to the tidelands are to be returned to a tidelands fund.

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