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What's up with fees?

The Daily Pilot ran an article on April 22 on the final draft of the new City of Newport Beach Fees study (*.pdf - 124KB) pdf icon. Recent economic challenges across the nation would seem to favor a study to align costs with income, but the theme of the study is raising fees to align with costs. If the link to the Daily Pilot site goes down, the article is reproduced (*.pdf - 301KB) small pdf icon on the NMA site.

Slip Survey

Recently, the City's Revenue office has sent to real property owners a survey (*.pdf - 314KB) small pdf icon in advance of issuing new, paper pier permits. The survey asks whether pier and slip space is rented and asks permit holders to report vessel identification for the vessels secured. Again, this survey comes from the City's Revenue department.

City ordinance 17.35.020(A)(4) (*.pdf - 297KB) small pdf icon (opens to p. 49) states that shore-connected piers bayward of commercial zones may be rented. If other piers are not to be rented, to raise revenue, will the City elect to issue higher-revenue commercial pier permits to residential users who have rented their piers?

Vessel Pumpout Stations

Here is a handy chart of vessel pumpout stations (*.pdf - 327KB) pdf icon and public piers around Newport Harbor. The 15th St. pumpout station is operational; it has two redundant systems so it's very likely to always be operational.

Rhine Wharf progress

The Daily Pilot reports that the City is responding to citizen concerns about noise at the proposed Rhine Wharf dinghy dock after receiving conditional approval (*.pdf - 3.06MB) pdf icon from the Coastal Commission. This article focuses primarily on sailors' progress with the five knot harbor wide speed restriction recently under study.

How grows the eelgrass?

At the May 14th Harbor Commission meeting, Chris Miller reported on a CRM contract modification to help document eelgrass (*.pdf - 1.82MB) pdf icon beds in the harbor.

We always appreciate your continuing support and valued opinions.

Harbor Commission Meetings

The Newport Beach Harbor Commission meets on the second Wednesday each month. Look here for agendas posted the Friday evening before each Harbor Commission meeting. Several days following each meeting, minutes are posted on the same page.

Harbor Resources Updates

Each month, the Harbor Resources Manager presents to the Harbor Commission a very helpful update on projects he is working on. You can find these updates archived here.

Newport Harbor Dredging

Here is a Google News live RSS feed button feed on news related to dredging the harbor.

Newport Harbor Commission Discusses Dredging Plans -...
Newport Harbor Commission Discusses Dredging Plans The Log Newspaper, CA -  Aug 21, 2008  13 Harbor Commission meeting. Problematic Sediment  As a dredging project nears its end in Upper Newport Bay, city officials are scrambling to finalize ...
Publ.Date : Thu, 21 Aug 2008 18:29:15 GMT

Dana Point Harbor Boaters Study Finds More Day-Us...
Dana Point Harbor Boaters Study Finds More Day-Use Boats The Log Newspaper, CA - Sep 4, 2008  This harbor is very unique, explained Beard, a passionate sailor who keeps his 40-foot boat in East Basin and his J-24 at Dana Point YC.  Newport Harbor ...
Publ.Date : Thu, 04 Sep 2008 19:06:46 GMT

THE HARBOR COLUMN: Big boat show comes to town - Dai...
THE HARBOR COLUMN: Big boat show comes to town Daily Pilot, CA -  Sep 5, 2008  ... prolific in Newport Harbor . Dock owners who are getting ready to dredge might want to invite a couple of green sea turtles to munch on the eel grass. ...
Publ.Date : Fri, 05 Sep 2008 11:39:26 GMT

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