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Dinghy overcrowding at several Balboa Peninsula public docks will be relieved by dock extensions

Dinghy Dock Extensions
Weigh in, H, J, & K permit holders!

Your input can make the difference. Responding to an NMA email and the City's postal notice, 14 people wrote Harbor Resources in support of the dock extension projects; several NMA members and NMA directors spoke in person, and the Fernando St (*.pdf - 288KB) pdf sm icon and 15th St (*.pdf - 273 KB) pdf sm icon dock extensions were approved in concept at the April 9th Harbor Commission ("HC") meeting. The next step for these projects will be to have more detailed plans drawn.

The 19th St (*.pdf - 264KB) pdf sm icon dock extension met with significant homeowner opposition due to noise, fishing, trash, and vehicle traffic from the existing public pier, so the HC recommended further study and outreach, followed by reconsideration. Harbor area boaters, drawn to McFadden wharf area bars and restaurants, need to consider 19th St. neighbors' expectations of peace and quiet around this public access point.

The Harbor Resources staff report (*.pdf - 1.34MB) pdf sm icon on the dinghy dock extension projects contains more information. Please read it, then weigh in with your support and your constructive ideas.

H, J, and K field permit holders need to provide input on the 19th St. dock extension, so that a balance of input from all stakeholders may be presented to the HC. When this HC meeting date has been determined, we will post it here.

Commissioner Corrough wisely urged the 19th St. extension reconsideration be accomplished quickly so all three extension projects could be carried forward concurrently to maximize staff efficiency.

Commissioner Beek thoughtfully recommended taking another look at dinghy storage alternatives at a future Harbor Commission meeting.

Harbor Resources Department
829 Harbor Island Dr., Newport Beach, CA

(949) 644-3034, fax (949) 723-0589

Prefer email? Lend your support!
Email Harbor Resources with your input.

Slippery Sea Lions

If you need to rethink your sea lion deterrents, please see the NMA Pinniped Pointers page in the NMA documents library. Sea Lions are back in town! Your continuing effort to keep sea lions off of your boat helps all of us.

Jiggling Jellyfish

Around the harbor we've seen smacks of moon jellyfish. Have you seen them?

NMA Newsletters

The Pennant is the official newsletter of the Newport Mooring Association. Current and past editions are found on the Newsletters page.

Clean Boating Act of 2008 Passes!

And it received the President's signature!

No new EPA permits for boats required!

In a rare show of bipartisan support, both the House and Senate passed S. 2766, which saves 17 million American boaters from having to procure ludicrous EPA permits for things such as rainwater discharge from boat decks.

Thank you Congress!. For more, click.

Harbor Resources News

The City of Newport Beach has a new Harbor Resources Manager. Tom Rossmiller has retired, but will work part time on special issues such as dredging. Tom's right hand for several years, Chris Miller, has been selected the new Manager. You will find Chris to be responsive, knowledgeable, capable. Congratulations, Chris! Read the latest Manager's Updates [July(pdf--3.43MB) small pdf icon, August(pdf--1.36MB) small pdf icon, September(pdf--1.01MB) small pdf icon] .

City of Newport Beach
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City of Newport Beach News
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