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Fees study/appraisal

The Daily Pilot ran an article on April 22 on the final draft of the new City of Newport Beach [Administrative] Fees study (*.pdf - 124KB) small pdf icon. Recent economic challenges across the nation would seem to favor a study to align costs with income, but the theme of the study is raising fees to align with costs. If the link to the Daily Pilot site goes down, the article is reproduced (*.pdf - 301KB) small pdf icon on the NMA site. With administrative fees addressed, the City has undertaken a harbor valuation for the purpose of adjusting harbor-related fees.

On June 13, 2006, City Council approved a three-part harbor valuation study (pdf - 2.71MB) pdf icon. The NMA is watching this issue closely. The Netzer Appraisal, for instance, has some glaring flaws (*.pdf - 336KB) small pdf icon of comparison which equate full-service yacht club moorings to those permitted to individuals.

You can help bring the appraisal to the attention of City leadership by sending this letter voicing your concerns with the appraisal.

The City Manager writes, "...the appraiser will be available in public meetings to justify his methodology.  You can question him then, with Council listening." Such a meeting will likely occur early in 2009.

A harbor-specific cost of services study (pdf--2.33MB)pdf icon has also been commissioned from Maximus. This study and the appraisal are two prongs of a three-pronged evaluation of Newport Harbor on which the City will rely for determination of new fees harbor-wide.

The third prong is a study by two professors, called the "economic study," which is two years in the making. The NMA is working to ensure that fairness is maintained.

Dinghy storage racks

Commissioner Beek's suggestion of taking another look at dinghy storage alternatives at a future Harbor Commission meeting has not yet been placed on the agenda.

Harbor Resources Department
829 Harbor Island Dr., Newport Beach, CA

949) 644-3034, fax (949) 723-0589

Do you need to reach Harbor Resources?
Email Harbor Resources with your input.

Slippery Sea Lions

If you need to rethink your sea lion deterrents, please see the NMA Pinniped Pointers page in the NMA documents library. This year sea lions are "loving" the area south of Lido Isle, "F," "H," & "J" fields, and private piers in this area. Your continuing effort to keep sea lions off of your boat helps all of us. Sea lions have sunk about ten boats in Newport Harbor, recently including a 1950's StarWikipedia icon boat.

At the October Harbor Commission meeting, a shortened time frame for notification of permit holders of sea lion problems was approved. Formerly a permit holder had 30 days to effect sea lion deterrents; now the permit holder has just ten days (pdf--53KB)pdf icon from the first warning letter.

Jiggling Jellyfish

There are fewer moon jellyfish around than earlier in the summer. Have you seen them? Did you know that NASA took some of them into outer space for study?

NMA Newsletters

The Pennant is the official newsletter of the Newport Mooring Association. Current and past editions are found on the Newsletters page.

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Board Meetings

The board meets monthly to review projects and conduct NMA business; next meeting:

Wed, November 12, 2008, at 6:00PM

You will find us at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club, upstairs in the Burgee of Merit Room. You are welcome to park in the parking lot.

NMA Members are welcome to attend!

Newport Harbor Yacht Club
720 W Bay Av
Balboa, CA 92663

(949) 673-7730

Harbor Resources News

The City of Newport Beach has a new Harbor Resources Manager. Tom Rossmiller has retired, but has been retained as a special consultant on a plan to dredge the harbor. Tom's right hand for several years, Chris Miller, has been selected the new Manager. You will find Chris to be responsive, knowledgeable, capable. Congratulations, Chris! Read his Manager's Updates:

  • November Update (pdf--4.54MB) small pdf icon,
  • October Update (pdf--1.26MB) small pdf icon,
  • September Update (pdf--994KB) small pdf icon, or
  • August Update (pdf--1.29MB) small pdf icon.

City of Newport Beach
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