2 thoughts on “Establishing Fair Use Fees for Newport Harbor Moorings

  1. Doug WardDoug Ward


    This is an enlightening report and addresses one of my biggest complaints over Newport Harbor’s greedy politics. I pay an extra $100.00 monthly storage rental. [On top of which] my mooring fee is about $2400.00 yearly for our 45 ft boat.

    Thank you for the work you have done in addressing this subject. I hope someone on the City council has the moral fortitude to respond positively to your presentation and act on it. I don’t have ANY faith in local government and doubt if it would do any good to be present at next Monday’s meeting.

    Comments ?

  2. Carter FordCarter Ford

    I’m curious to know approximate location of your dinghy storage relative to your mooring (100 yards / 500 yards / 1 mile away) and what do you get? Dry storage, wet dockside tie up, etc. Your situation illustrates why rates paid in San Diego, where dinghy storage and access is easy, need adjustment to arrive at fair rates in Newport Harbor.

    Permit holders such as yourself can be quite effective if current HC and CC members listen to and represent, rather than rule based on their own preconceptions. I encourage you to come and give these volunteers every opportunity to restore your faith in local government.

    Please do call your mooring neighbors; participate, if even just to listen. You’ll leave knowing more and your presence helps communicate the importance of these issues, to you, to Commissioners and staff.

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