MVMS Committee Third Meeting

multiple vessel mooring system conceptual drawing

MVMS concept drawing

City Seeks Mooring Permit Holder Volunteers

The Harbor Commission MVMS ad hoc committee seeks volunteers to test drive floating docks during the one year pilot project in Newport Harbor. Permit holders are welcome to volunteer use of mooring location for their own floating dock use (no extra charge), or for use by others (rental by City). Own mooring tackle would be replaced by City, as is, where is, on the project’s completion, at City's expense. During the one year pilot project, own ballast and tackle would be replaced with City–purchased gear suitably rated to hold the City’s floating dock and boats tied to it.

The pilot project would be presented to City Council for approval around June. Subject to approval, about six floating docks would be placed in Newport Harbor thereafter, beginning the one year trial. Permit holders would still be required to pay permit fee for the mooring as though it were set with own tackle but would tie to floating dock instead.

If you think your boat may not fare as well side–tied to a floating dock as it does suspended between fore and aft mooring pendants, you may not want to volunteer your mooring. The pilot project does not have funding to cover damage to your vessel should your fenders ride up above the floating dock in a windstorm.

No Power, No Water

The floating docks to be deployed for the pilot project will most likely not have electrical power or water plumbed to them. In the committee’s opinion, providing these amenities to the floating docks was too challenging, too expensive.

Which Fields?

As mentioned previously, one permit holder in H Field has volunteered his mooring (H-81) for the test. Access to adjacent moorings will enable an important goal of the project, which is to study area required for safe use of adjacent floating docks. In J Field, the City holds J-51 and J-28, so pilot testing on J-52, J-27, or J-29, moorings adjacent to City–owned ones, would complement project goals. The City can use up to three moorings it holds in C Field (C-32, C-34, C-36), but these are not side by side adjacent. Therefore, the City seeks to use at least one of C-31, C-33, or C-35, which sit between the City moorings.

Due to proximity to the Harbor Resources office, to enable easier observation, one or two D Field moorings near Basin Marine (of D-29, D-34, D-36, D-38, D-42, D-54, or D-55) would be especially appreciated for the pilot project. Moorings rated at 50 feet or greater are needed.

How Did We Get Here?

The ad hoc committee was not assigned to investigate a service or amenity that would better meet needs of mooring permit holders. It was formed specifically to propose a pilot program to test floating docks in Newport Harbor at the request of Mayor Rush Hill, who stated it was his desire to see the City provide more services to mooring permit holders. Your NMA representatives have shared results of the survey and poll that you participated in on this site, both in meetings of the ad hoc committee and through this website. The survey and poll show that, for 85% of permit holders, floating docks is the lowest priority item of things the City could do for moorings. Nearly everyone shared the opinion that serviceable work docks which could be used by mooring users would better align with needs. A few people also wanted nothing from the City.

What Are Your Thoughts?

We invite your comment here and encourage you to write Harbor Resources with constructive comments, or come to a meeting if you can.

4 thoughts on “MVMS Committee Third Meeting

  1. Tony SpoonerTony Spooner

    J-112The second of my two boats is a very wide multihull so It would be better on a centerline mooring than sticking way out to one side at a floating dock. Also, I think that there would be a lot less wear and tear than being beside a dock out in the middle of the bay. Thanks,
    Tony Spooner

  2. George M.George M.

    Please tell me more about the players involved in this project. Who can I talk to about loaning my mooring out? I just paid $1900.00 for the permit. Can I share any moorage fee with the city from a second tenant on my space?

    1. George HylkemaGeorge Hylkema Post author

      C-81@George M, you ask

      Please tell me…about the players involved…

      The Newport Beach Harbor Commission formed an ad hoc committee at the mayor’s request. The committee’s assignment is to present to city council a pilot project to test floating docks in Newport Harbor in furtherance of the mayor’s wish to create floating dock communities here. Part of the mayor’s vision is that the floating dock communities will drive traffic for water taxi service. This is a paraphrase of Rush Hill’s remarks about wanting to provide more service to mooring permit holders. Read this for context as well as a link to full text of mayor’s remarks.


      …Who can I talk to about loaning my mooring out?

      As written above, to volunteer your mooring, please:

      …contact Shannon at Harbor Resources (Phone +1-949-644-3034 or send email to

      And finally:

      …Can I share any moorage fee…

      No, all mooring rental fees go to City. It is not possible (for you) to rent your mooring.

  3. Dan RunnerDan Runner

    B-181I am really afraid of having my 36 foot wooden boat tied to a floating dock. It is in the B field which is parallel to the main channel. When the Harbor Patrol speeds down the harbor on an emergency call the wake can be two to three feet high. Most of the larger boats tied to private docks are perpendicular to the main channel and the wake and are relatively unaffected even if they are side tied to a dock. I have seen smaller electric boats nearly tossed onto a dock when tied parallel to the channel. If they were not such well made fiberglass construction they would probably be stove in hitting the dock!

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