Boat Auction Cancelled

Notice of Auction of Abandoned Vessels

Friday, January 20th, 2017 9 A.M.
Event Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather.
Will be rescheduled at a date to be determined

Orange County Sheriff Harbor Patrol
1901 Bayside Drive
Corona del Mar, CA 92625

The City of Newport Beach will auction:

  • 9 inflatables 8-15’, including these:
    • CF8939KR
    • CF2520SB
    • CF8523UM
    • CF0340SB
    • CF8234UF
    • CF1122SK
    • CF7206CL
  • 14 kayaks 6-16’
  • 2 dinghies 10-12’:
    • CF8312UX
    • CF5605EM
  • 8’ sabot CF1691CR
  • 24’ Jensen Marine sailboat CF3838CH
  • 10’ Glaspar CF5054CA
  • 15’ Larson powerboat CF8513EJ
  • 28’ Chris Craft powerboat CF1525CB
  • 7’ pedal boat
  • 24’ outrigger canoe
  • 12’ canoe
  • 2 skiffs 8’
  • 3 rowboats 8-12’
  • 5 SUP 10-12’

Viewing will be open on Friday, January 20, 2017, between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. at the Orange County Sheriff, Harbor Department. Vessels sold as-is, where-is. Minimum bid varies with vessel. CASH ONLY IMMEDIATELY AFTER AUCTION. VESSELS MUST BE REMOVED BY 5:00 PM ON DAY OF AUCTION. Harbor Patrol must retain the CF registered vessels following auction for a 10-day redemption period before vessels are released to successful bidder. Winning bidder is responsible for removing vessel from the Harbor Patrol facility by 5:00 PM, the day following the end of the redemption period.

For more information please contact the City's Harbor Resources Division at 949-644-3034.


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Ending location:

Orange County Sheriff Harbor Patrol
1901 Bayside Dr
Corona del Mar, CA 92625

City Position on Copper TMDL Proposal by State Board

A state regional water quality board has proposed the City adopt TMDL numbers for Newport Harbor. In a thoughtful comment letter, the City answers with reasons the City cannot not embrace the proposal.

The NMA supports the City of Newport Beach position supporting use of marine antifouling bottom paint which contains copper. We appreciate the time and effort invested in the City's thoughtful, reasonable, well-written response.

Boaters are encouraged to participate in the discussion. An NMA representative plans to attend the meeting and participate.

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Bill Moses

August 30, 2016


Your mooring association depends on your support! We have mailed an invoice for your 2016 dues; we ask you to kindly pay by September 15th. Those people who have already paid for 2016 will not receive this invoice. It is only being mailed to those who have not yet paid. Thank you!

NMA Invoice 2016

Harbor Commission 2016-06-08

For the Wednesday night meeting at 6:30 PM, in City Council chambers at City Hall, the following items are included in the Harbor Commission agenda.

  1. Staff is proposing a program providing free holding tank pump outs for boats on moorings.
  2. Staff is also requesting that the Harbor Commission recommend changing the City’s Municipal Code to give the City or its designee authority to board vessels to inspect the vessel’s marine sanitation device. More details on the reasoning are in the staff report.
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Boat Auction

Corrected date shown below

Boat Auction to be Held on Friday, March 19 18th

The City will sell abandoned vessels at the Orange County Sheriff’s auction on Friday, March 19 18, 2016. The auction will be held at the Harbor Department Facility at 9 A.M. Viewing begins at 8 A.M. that morning. Vessels are sold as is, where is. Minimum bid varies with vessel. TERMS ARE: CASH ONLY, DUE IMMEDIATELY AFTER AUCTION. VESSELS MUST BE REMOVED BY 5 P.M. ON DAY OF AUCTION.

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City Council Sets Mooring Fees at $35

In a nutshell, at the January 26, 2016 City Council meeting, the City Council voted 5 to 2 in support of the resolution setting mooring fees at $35/linear foot/year effective with 2016 permit issuance. Half of that rate will be charged for shore moorings. More to follow. Council will resolve transferability next month. Thank you for your support of the NMA and your fellow mooring permit holders.

image of printed correspondence

Another Opinion on Mooring Fees

A mooring permittee has asked that NMA disseminate his mooring fee analysis and suggested Council Action by posting here the materials that he has collected and written. Consistent with our policy of transparency and encouraging open dialogue, we routinely post materials that we receive and are pleased to do so. Such postings are the opinions solely of the authors thereof. Click through to read what he has to say.

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