NMA Position on Fees & Transferability, April 2015

Newport Beach City Hall Community Room

Harbor Commission Studies Moorings

We hope to see all mooring permit holders at the Harbor Commission Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7th, 6:00 to 8:00PM.

The meeting will be held in the City Hall Community Room, across from Council Chambers.

  • There will be PowerPoint presentations by NMA and Harbor Resources Manager Chris Miller
  • Discussion on main points and other issues
  • Likely votes on what recommendations the Harbor Commission will make to City Council

Please Support Us

Your volunteer NMA Board, after much listening and analysis, has reached consensus on recommendations to the Harbor Commission. Complete research and references found at page bottom. Here are our main points:

Annual Mooring Fees

  1. Annual Fee: $25 per foot per year, initiate retroactively. Fee based on three methods.
  2. Invoices sent to all with same frequency
  3. Transferability

    1. Allow transfers again with certain limitations
    2. Establish web based listing for moorings for sale
    3. Limit transfers to one per year
    4. Two permits/holder. Grandfather in those with more.
    5. Most other policies remain same

    Mooring Transfer Fees

    1. 50% of annual fee for normal transfer
    2. $150 Flat fee for inter-family transfers

    Mooring Rental Income

    • Allocation of City rental income of vacant moorings
      • 50% is allocated to general Tidelands Fund
      • 50% earmarked for mooring permittee and visitor amenities

    Eliminate Mooring Waiting List

    The Wait List is ineffective, does not serve the boating public as envisioned.

    We feel that these suggestions are realistic and have solid potential for being affirmed by the Harbor Commission and City Council.