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    Mr. Homer Bludau
    City Manager
    3300 Newport Blvd.
    Newport Beach, CA 92663

    Re: Netzer Appraisal
    (on Newport Mooring Association site)

    Dear Mr. Bludau,

    In its appraisal for the City, Netzer compares individually permitted moorings to those permitted to clubs. At least one writer, Alicia Robinson, in The Daily Pilot, 11 May 2007 (, concludes that this valuation will be used to justify fee increases. But this comparison is flawed.

    Specifically, individually permitted moorings are compared to yacht club moorings with no adjustments made for the value-added services or included maintenance club mooring users enjoy. Besides offering fellowship and camaraderie, clubs provide dock access, shore boat service, boatmen, food service, off street parking, bathrooms, showers, water, trash collection, superior mooring maintenance, electricity, ice, telephone, fax, Internet access, cranes, launch ramps, and many other services. After hours, clubs offer dinghies for mooring access, which eliminates the challenge of car-topping and launching a dinghy for mooring access elsewhere.

    One greatly admired aspect of our harbor mentioned in the City General Plan is its unique residential waterfront character. From the perspective of access, the nearly complete residential encirclement of Newport Harbor makes mooring access a substantial challenge. Clubs mitigate limited shoreside access by providing private means of access. Considering those value-added services, included mooring maintenance, and private access, to suggest the same rate for individually permitted moorings without the extras is inequitable and unreasonable. The comparison needs revisiting. Thank you for your consideration.


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