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FAQ List

What is "FAQ?" FAQ is a common abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Boaters – visiting Newport Beach, CA, or new to the harbor – Welcome! Local knowledge can be helpful. Click to answers to questions about Newport Harbor. Includes illustrations.

  2. Click to "What is a mooring and how does it work?" Includes illustrations.

  3. What kind of jellyfish am I seeing all over the harbor? Includes photos.

  4. What is the HAMP and why do we need one?

  5. Where can I find information on sea lions? Includes video, sea lion deterrents, and regulations.

  6. What is going on with mooring field boundary realignment? Includes illustrations.

  7. Where are past copies of the news page(s) found?

  8. Are issues of the NMA Pennant newsletter online?

  9. Does the NMA have a list of webcams in the area?

  10. Can I search this site?

  11. I can't seem to find what I'm looking there a sitemap I can use? What is a sitemap? Wikipedia article on Site maps

  12. Does the NMA have an rss icon news feed? What is RSS? Learn about RSS news feeds in a new window

  13. I have heard about the harbor appraisal; where is that letter? (Held here for archival purposes)

  14. What is the Newport Mooring Association?

  15. Where are the documents which comprise the 2008 Harbor Fees Study?

  16. I've read the Fees Study documents; what's the latest Fees Study news?

  17. Where can I find a map of Newport Harbor moorings? Also see FAQ #1, above. Illustration.

  18. How are Newport Harbor's mooring fields organized? Includes links to illustrations.

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About us -

The Newport Mooring Association is responsible for promoting the business and personal interests of mooring permittees and persons holding property, real or personal, adjacent or attached to, residing on, or anchored to tidelands or public property in, upon, or adjacent to Newport Harbor, as those interests relate to the use of the bay area.

Newport Mooring Association
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Newport Beach, CA 92659-0118

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