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updated: 7/10/2010

18. Mooring field locations in Newport Harbor

Q. The mooring fields are designated by letters?

A. Mooring fields in Newport Beach have alphabetic designations, A through K.  The fields are designated in approximately progressive order within Newport Harbor; field "A" lies most eastward while field "K" lies most westward. Within each field, moorings are designated by number. Numbering of larger fields starts at the side closest to shore, so that mooring C-55 is the fifth mooring north in the fifth row of field C. Fields with only two or three moorings abreast do not follow the row/mooring topology. They are simply numbered sequentially. Mooring floats are marked to facilitate their use.

The Harbor Patrol, which is located at the east end of Newport Harbor immediately north of the USCG station, rents available individually-permitted double-point (fore-and-aft) moorings. The Harbor Patrol also rents the single-point moorings in Carnation Cove immediately south of the USCG station. These particular moorings are not permitted to individuals but rather are reserved for transient vessel use; they are the deepest-water moorings in Newport Harbor.

Newport Harbor Yacht Club and Balboa Yacht Club maintain mooring fields; they also extend reciprocal use to many visiting yachtsmen. Please contact them for further information.

Q. Do you have an illustration of mooring field locations?

A. Here is a simple map of mooring field locations in Newport Harbor. It also shows where the public anchorage is located. Please see the NMA's Visiting Boaters' FAQ page for more information on anchoring here. NOAA's excellent online chart viewer shows nautical chart 18754 for Newport Harbor without the mooring field letter designations.

Q. How is the depth of Newport Harbor?

A. Please see the NOAA chart mentioned above for soundings data and refer to your tides tool of choice. has Newport Beach tides. For more information on sedimentation in the harbor and the City's strategy and tactics to get the harbor dredged, see the HAMP FAQ page.

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