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Mooring Support Center Proposal

The Harbor Commission will hear a proposal encouraged by City Council on developing a mooring-permit holder-serving support center located at Balboa Yacht Basin. The Harbor Commission agenda (pdf - 32KB) pdf icon has only a few details but Harbor Resources will present more information at the January 12th meeting. Click to Outlook–downloadable information on the January 12th Harbor Commission meeting.

The Balboa Yacht Basin is where the Harbor Resources department is located. The proposed mooring support center's purpose is not to create a new level of bureaucracy to respond to mooring permit holders' questions, but rather to provide modest amenities, such as a slip to use for wash down, access bathrooms, or recharge a vessel. See The Log article of 2010-12-21 for some details.

Mooring Fees and Transferability

Click to the mooring fees page for background information, news and outcome on the issues of mooring fees and transferability. Mooring permit holders will be receiving their first increased billing statements with the January 2011 invoice. After five years, the permit fee will have about tripled, from its 2010 level of $20/ft/yr, to around $60/ft/yr, or 14% of the City's Newport Beach slip index. See the next story, below, to understand how this new mooring fee relates to mooring fees in other southern California harbors with moorings.

In a nutshell, transfers within families will be permitted going forward. Otherwise, only two transfers total per mooring will be allowed in the next decade. Thence, mooring transfers will occur by way of waiting list. If you need a mooring in J field but are assigned a mooring in A field, from the waiting list, tough luck. Even if you would have willingly paid a premium for a mooring located conveniently for your particular situation, this option will no longer exist. Since the City passed the Ad-Hoc Committee's transferability proposal on Dec. 14, 2010, it will become law on Jan. 14, 2011. The City has set no restrictions on sale price in the next decade, but will allow market pricing to seek its own level.

After 2021 when moorings may no longer be transferred (except within families), moorings must be returned to an interest list, from which they will be distributed. If a particular mooring is unappealing to those on the waiting list, the City plans to auction it to the highest bidder. Mooring transfer fees will be one half of the annual permit fee. Here are links to the transfer ordinance and fees resolution.

2010 Mooring Fee Survey

The NMA offers the NMA mooring fee survey (best version for printing – pdf – 819KB pdf icon) for harbors in southern California. Or read the mooring fees survey in web page format with clickable links. It shows what harbors elsewhere in California charge for a mooring permit. It also includes berth fees, liveaboards, and transferability. For comparison, see the 2008 mooring fees study (Word doc--50KB ) (or view as webpage).

Harbor Resources Department
829 Harbor Island Dr., Newport Beach, CA

949) 644-3034, fax (949) 723-0589

Do you need to reach Harbor Resources?
Email Harbor Resources with your input.

NMA Newsletters

Your eyes are now reading lines of the NMA Electric Pennant, our online newsletter, available only online. It has a hardcopy cousin, NMA Pennant, mailed to all dues-paid NMA members, and is the official newsletter of the Newport Mooring Association. After members receive it via postal mail, recent and past editions are available on the Newsletters page.

Mooring Loan Permission Form

Need to loan a mooring to a friend? Here is the form you fill out, print, sign, and send to the Harbor Department. Many other documents may be found on the Documents page (and the Links page), accessed via the navigational links to the left.

Slippery Sea Lions

If you need to rethink your sea lion deterrents, please see the NMA Pinniped Pointers page in the NMA documents library. This year sea lions have not shown up in force yet, but moored boats and private piers throughout the harbor remain prime targets. Your continuing effort to keep sea lions off of your boat helps all of us. Sea lions have sunk about ten boats in Newport Harbor, recently including a 1950's Star Wikipedia icon boat.

At the February 2010 Harbor Commission meeting, a shortened time frame for notification of permit holders of sea lion problems was approved. Formerly a permit holder had 10 days to effect sea lion deterrents; now the permit holder has just seven days (pdf--40KB) pdf icon from the first warning letter.

NMA Board Meeting

The Board of Directors invites you to attend the next board meeting.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
NHYC, at 6PM

You are welcome to park in the parking lot or in available public spaces adjacent to the club.

NMA Members are welcome to attend!

Newport Harbor Yacht Club

720 W Bay Av
Newport Beach, CA 92661
(949) 673-7730

Harbor Patrol News

The Sheriff's Department's Orange County Harbormaster is Lt. Tom Slayton.

Harbor Resources News

Manager Chris Miller presents the Harbor Commission with an update on projects and issues each month. Here is a link to his October (pdf--106KB) pdf icon staff report and Manager's Update (pdf--4.81MB) pdf icon The Manager's Updates are a fanstastic way to keep informed of what is going on in the harbor. Click here to find other past agendas and Manager's Updates on the Harbor Resources site.

News from Newport Beach

What's going on in Newport Beach? Click to info about (derelict) boat auctions. When the news feeds below are working, the blue boxes will contain City and harbor news. Click any Headline Below to open that story in a new window. If the blue box is empty, the feed is broken or has no news. Some browsers may still click to open the RSS feed button news feed direct from the City of Newport Beach.

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Here's harbor and moorings news from Google News, and other sources, to within the last hour.

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Plastic in the Bay

Fish, birds, and marine mammals are innocent victims when it comes to plastic in the water. Plastic in the bay is just a tide change away from being plastic in the ocean. Please pick some up; help it find a trash can.  green badgeLearn more from the people at SCCWRP.  Algalita tells us there is six pounds of plastic floating in the central North Pacific Ocean for every pound of surface zooplankton. Fish, birds, and marine mammals mistake it for food. Scientists performing necropsies on deceased Laysan albatross at Midway Atoll have found so much indigestible plastic in the birds' stomachs there is no room for food. This NMA website is certified powered by 100% wind energy; we're doing what we can to minimize our impact on the environment.

Jiggling Jellyfish

There are fewer moon jellyfish around than earlier in the summer. Have you seen them? Did you know that NASA took some of them into outer space for study?

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The Newport Mooring Association is responsible for promoting the business and personal interests of mooring permittees and persons holding property, real or personal, adjacent or attached to, residing on, or anchored to tidelands or public property in, upon, or adjacent to Newport Harbor, as those interests relate to the use of the bay area.

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