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updated: 3/20/2010
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    What is social media?

  • Social media is (from Wikipedia wiki icon): the term used to describe the range of technologies and methods people employ to share perspectives and opinions, thoughts and information, online
  • Andy Carvin, in his PBS-hosted weblog, discusses "...the potential of online social networks for educating people and promoting positive community change"
  • Dion Hinchcliffe's eponymous weblog (2007-01-29) includes this depiction of social media information flow from the Wall Street Journal:
rise of social media illustrated, from WSJ
  • The Wikipedia article wiki icon on Metcalfe's law describes that the value of a network is proportional to the square of its number of users. This extends the concept that "two minds are better than one."

    What does social media have to do with moorings?

  • Social media is just another form of online conversation, especially suited to collarboration and sharing.

  • Such online conversations are web experiences in which you may already be engaged, in spaces such as:

    reddit; Facebook;; twitter; Technorati; Yahoo Bookmarks; Windows Live; Slashdot; N4G; blinkList; ma.gnolia; Digg; MySpace; StumbleUpon; Google Bookmarks; Yahoo! MyWeb; Propeller; newsvine; Mixx; Furl; Mister Wong; Blogger; LiveJournal; Orkut; Friendster; WordPress; TypePad, Hi5, Twitter, AIM and SMS

  • Since your interactions have the potential to educate people and promote positive community change, it makes sense to leverage your ability to inform such conversations by making information on this website easier to share

  • "ShareThis" links on this website empower you to help us get the word out. We can achieve more working together!

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