Public Anchorage Near Lido Village

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aerial photo of newport harbor showing Lido Village temporary anchorage location

April 10, 2013 Harbor Commission Meeting Lido Village temporary anchorage

Contribute your input on the Lido Village anchorage. When: April 10th, 6:00PM - ~8:00PM Where:
City of Newport Beach Harbor Commission City Council Chambers 100 Civic Center Drive Newport Beach CA 92660 USA
Geo 33° 36' 36.03'' N 117° 52' 19.63'' W
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The Harbor Commission has invited public comment on the public anchorage location (See the location on Google Maps) near Lido Village. This is the area which accommodated yachts seeking anchorage (as opposed to moorings or docks) during the recently completed Lower Bay dredging project. The Harbor Commission wants to hear from you! When the public anchorage was relocated to near Lido Village, during dredging, how did this work? This area provides safe protected anchorage, closer to visitor-supporting infrastructure, like markets, laundry, cinema, restaurants, etc, than the longstanding public anchorage at the east end of Lido Isle.

The Harbor Commission needs to consider public input on this anchorage if adopting it for future use is a possibility. Most of the visitors who benefit from the convenient location of this public anchorage do not know about this meeting, are likely not even close to Newport Beach, will not be heard. Who will speak in their behalf? If you have an opinion on this, your input is solicited at the April 2013 City of Newport Beach Harbor Commission meeting. The Harbor Commission anticipates forming a subcommittee to further study the issue if there is ample support for it.

No Aye or Nay decision on this new anchorage possibility will be made at this meeting.

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