City Council To HC: Revisit Mooring Fees & Transferability

Your volunteer NMA board requests your attendance at the February 11, 2015 Harbor Commission meeting, 6:30 PM, in City Council Chambers. Please show your support for the new City Council’s initiative to reconsider the last City Council’s changes to mooring fees and transferability. Your 2015 mooring permit fee from Newport Beach should make your interest in finding fee equity keen!

At this meeting the NMA board is not requesting anyone to speak unless he feels compelled. There will be ample opportunity at subsequent public meetings (described below).

During the January 27 City Council study session attended by the NMA Board, the newly–elected council members made good on campaign statements to review various new city fees and policies. The new council has sent mooring fees and transferability back to the Harbor Commission for re-evaluation.

After a presentation by staff, Q & A by the council members, then public comment, the majority of the council instructed staff to request the Harbor Commission to study mooring fees, plus look at alternatives to the current transferability policy. Many of the council members showed interest in the City of Avalon's policy on transferability. There is no limit to transferability there, but a 5% fee is imposed.

At next week's Harbor Commission meeting an ad-hoc sub-committee of commissioners will be formed. That committee will hold a number of public meetings in which mooring fees and transferability will be discussed openly without the time limitations imposed at Council and Harbor Commission meetings.

Over the years your NMA has been involved in a leadership manner on many harbor issues working in a collaborative nature with the Harbor Commission and City Staff. With strong attendance by mooring permit holders at the meeting next Wednesday (and other meetings in the near future) we may re-constitute that foundation of working together with city officials while making our concerns and wishes heard in a helpful way.

Your board members are very pleased by the set of circumstances which allow this reconsideration. We welcome the opportunity to present our ideas to more open minded officials. The recent changes on the City Council can only be described as gargantuan. Those changes only occurred through the strident efforts of concerned citizens.

Your Support

Please show your support at City Hall Council Chambers, 6:30 PM, on Wednesday, February 11th. A significant number of mooring permit holders in attendance will assure the Commissioners that this effort is worthy of the time they will dedicate to it.

Harbor Commission Agenda

Click to the agenda for the Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Harbor Commission meeting.