In response to Harbor Commission agenda for , an NMA member wrote to share this perspective on mooring administration in Newport Harbor.

Please add my name to those opposed to changing the administration of mooring management to another entity. Leave this responsibility in the capable hands of the Orange County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol. They have the experience and the stature to continue to manage moorings in Newport Harbor. Any profit-making entity would likely make changes for the sake of making changes, responding to pressure groups. The Orange County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol has been efficient and helpful to me and to my family since 1958. I assume a great many others who have the privilege of keeping a mooring feel the same way I do. Leave this matter alone.


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One thought on “Support for Harbor Patrol

  1. Tony SpoonerTony Spooner


    The OC Sheriff’s Dept has been nothing but courteous and efficient in my dealings with them since arriving in the Harbor in 1984. I do not believe a for profit outfit will do the job any better. The sheriffs are a dedicated bunch. The low paid for profit workers will probably not be allowed to attempt the same level of service.

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