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In today’s issue of The Log newspaper (page 15), Ambrosia Sarabia covers the introduction of the ad hoc committee proposal to test floating docks. The majority of council members supported surveying both mooring permit holders and bayfront homeowners to better gauge demand for the project. Nancy Gardner noted that it would be futile to spend about $250,000 testing a project that few people wanted should the pilot project succeed. I haven’t gotten a sense that there is a real burning desire for this, said Gardner. Others noted there was dubious public benefit from the floating docks whatever the cost. Click to the story on The Log.

MVMS Committee Fourth Meeting

multiple vessel mooring system conceptual drawing

MVMS concept drawing

The fourth meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on the MVMS met April 28th at City Hall. The meeting’s discussion focused on different mooring systems than are presently used in Newport Harbor to secure moorings to the bottom of the bay. As reported earlier, the Ad Hoc Committee intends to propose a system which does not use pilings to secure, or anchor, the floats in place.

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MVMS Committee Third Meeting

multiple vessel mooring system conceptual drawing

MVMS concept drawing

City Seeks Mooring Permit Holder Volunteers

The Harbor Commission MVMS ad hoc committee seeks volunteers to test drive floating docks during the one year pilot project in Newport Harbor. Permit holders are welcome to volunteer use of mooring location for their own floating dock use (no extra charge), or for use by others (rental by City). Own mooring tackle would be replaced by City, as is, where is, on the project’s completion, at City's expense. During the one year pilot project, own ballast and tackle would be replaced with City–purchased gear suitably rated to hold the City’s floating dock and boats tied to it.

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MVMS Committee Second Meeting

multiple vessel mooring system conceptual drawing

MVMS concept drawing

The MVMS pilot project will test about six floats in a few areas of the harbor. The committee will test the most basic configuration of floating dock, a simple long rectangle which will accommodate boats on either side. These would be floats about 50 feet long by about 5 feet wide. A very tentative number to build such floats is about $50/sq. ft., or $12,500 each just for the float.

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MVMS Committee First Meeting

stylized version of Don Leach photo for Daily Pilot of Newport Beach City Hall at night

City Hall at night
© 2012 Don Leach / Daily Pilot

The first meeting of the MVMS Ad-Hoc Committee was Monday, March 24th in the Crystal Cove Conference Room (Bay 2 D, second floor about mid–complex) at City Hall. Two of three Harbor Commission volunteers, Commissioners Avery and McIntosh, attended. Others included Chris Miller and Shannon Levin of the City’s Harbor Resources department, about half a dozen members of the public, and two journalists representing The Log and The Register. The committee is in the process of defining its goal. Continue reading

What Mooring Holders Want 2014

photo of moored boats

Moored Boats in Newport Harbor

We asked Newport Harbor mooring permit holders the following questions:

  1. Do you want floating docks?
    • poll available February 15th to March 24th
  2. What are the top priorities for mooring permit holders as you see them?
    • survey available March 13th to March 24th

Read on for what mooring permit holders told us in the poll, in the survey, and in their comments.

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What Do Mooring Permit Holders Want?

At Wednesday night’s Harbor Commission meeting, current mayor Rush Hill saw first steps taken toward fulfilling his vision for harbor–wide water taxi service and floating dock communities to replace fore–and–aft moorings in Newport Harbor. Two ad-hoc committees were formed, consisting of Harbor Commissioners, to propose pilot programs for testing the ideas. Continue reading

Newport Beach Mayor Calls for Floating Docks

illustration of floating dock

Mayor Wants Floating Docks

At the Mayor’s dinner on February 7, 2014, Rush Hill called for placement of floating docks to replace moorings in Newport Harbor. He explained these will deliver improved public access to the harbor. Do you concur? Is this what you’ve been waiting for?

What remains to be seen is how these will be better than the Duffy Docks, about which many mooring permit holders have already commented.

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Duffy Docks

duffy dock in Newport Harbor

Proposed Duffy Dock

Marshall Duffield (Duffy) has recently (and independently of any city or private request) developed a scheme that could replace Newport’s standard, two-point moorings, with two pilings and a dock between them. He also contends the same system would work for single point moorings. This new docking system was displayed on a computer program showing neat rows of docks with boats tied up stem to stern, to scale, according to the engineer that did the computerized drawings.  Duffy's engineer claims to have left adequate room between the offshore docks for maneuvering in and out. However, the amount of sea-room appears scant on the renderings.

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