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City Council Sets Mooring Fees at $35

In a nutshell, at the January 26, 2016 City Council meeting, the City Council voted 5 to 2 in support of the resolution setting mooring fees at $35/linear foot/year effective with 2016 permit issuance. Half of that rate will be charged for shore moorings. More to follow. Council will resolve transferability next month. Thank you for your support of the NMA and your fellow mooring permit holders.

Come to City Council Meeting Tuesday Night

newport beach city council meeting 2015-06-16

Please come to the Newport Beach City Council meeting 2016-01-26. Photo: Byron Grams

Please come to the City Council meeting tomorrow night:

Tuesday, January 26th 2016 at 7 pm

Newport Beach City Council Chambers
100 Civic Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Newport Beach City Hall Community Room

Update from the NMA on Action on Mooring Rates and Transferability – 2015-12-31

(This is being communicated by posting on the Newport Mooring Association Website and by emailing directly to those who have provided NMA with their email addresses.)

We are very pleased to report that it appears highly likely that the long awaited mooring fee reduction will be implemented by the City in January. Here briefly is the background: As requested by the Newport Beach City Council at its June 16th Special Meeting, City Staff replied to the inquiry from the State Lands Commission (SLC). In addition NMA provided its own extensive report. The SLC recently responded to the City with further questions regarding both transferability privileges and support for the $35 /ft fee rate set by the City. We understand that Staff has addressed those questions successfully.

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newport beach city council meeting 2015-06-16

City Council Unanimous Support 2015-06-16

Mostly good news!

A standing room only crowd turned out for the City Council meeting. Commissioner Avery did an expert job presenting the Harbor Commission proposal, Patricia Newton shared an excellent PowerPoint presentation on behalf of the NMA, twenty or thirty speakers presented their thoughts, and the issue then was discussed by the Council.

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About Mooring Changes

At its meeting on April 7, the Harbor Commission decided to recommend to City Council an annual mooring permit fee of $25/ft, down from $55/ft, and return to transferability within limits. They came to their decisions after studying and listening to lots of information over a two month period. Four meetings of two hours each were held; between fifty and one hundred citizens participated in each session assuring a diversity of opinion and comments. Dozens of citizens spoke.

The NMA also drafted a position statement describing what we think is fair, responsible mooring management. The task now is to ensure that the public and City Council have easy access to resources so they can come to their own informed opinions. There are important key points that need reinforcement. These are:

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Harbor Commission Recommendation April 2015

Attending the meeting: Harbor Commission Chairman Brad Avery, Commissioners Duncan McIntosh, Joe Stapleton, and David Girling, City’s Harbor Resources Manager Chris Miller and Analyst Shannon Levin. More than 100 interested people filled the City Council Community Room, some standing in the back.

Harbor Commission (HC) Chairman Brad Avery opened meeting with pledge of allegiance.
Motion to approve minutes of 3/23 approved.
Non-agenda items, none.
Current business: moorings review.
Michael Torres, Assistant City Attorney (ACA), present for first time in these meetings

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4th Meeting to Revisit Mooring Fees and Transfers 2015-04-07

The fourth meeting of the Harbor Commission reevaluation of Newport Harbor mooring fees and transferability will take place on April 7th. Mooring permit holders and those interested in Newport Harbor moorings need to attend, be heard, participate in this process. To prepare, please review NMA meeting notes and Harbor Resources’ very good draft minutes from the meeting held March 23rd. NOTE: This Tuesday meeting is different from the regular Wednesday Harbor Commission meeting held the following night.

Harbor Commission Meeting on Moorings

Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 6:00 PM
Meeting notice on City web site (with add to Calendar link)
2015-04-7 meeting agenda
NMA postcard notification

Newport Beach Civic Center – Community Room

100 Civic Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
map and directions
Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 6:00 PM
Meeting WILL BE AT City Hall.
Free parking available in adjacent City parking structure.
Community Room is adjacent to Council Chambers.