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Update from the NMA on Action on Mooring Rates and Transferability – 2015-12-31

(This is being communicated by posting on the Newport Mooring Association Website and by emailing directly to those who have provided NMA with their email addresses.)

We are very pleased to report that it appears highly likely that the long awaited mooring fee reduction will be implemented by the City in January. Here briefly is the background: As requested by the Newport Beach City Council at its June 16th Special Meeting, City Staff replied to the inquiry from the State Lands Commission (SLC). In addition NMA provided its own extensive report. The SLC recently responded to the City with further questions regarding both transferability privileges and support for the $35 /ft fee rate set by the City. We understand that Staff has addressed those questions successfully.

Based on recent contact by NMA representatives with City Staff and Council members, we expect that invoices for the Mooring FEES for 2016 will not be issued until action (a RESOLUTION) formally implementing the fee rate approved by Council ($35/ft for off-shore moorings, half that for on-shore) is taken by Council. Timing for that is intended to be at the Council’s second January meeting, Tuesday, January 26th. We understand that preparation by Staff of the ORDINANCE necessary to implement the restoration of Mooring TRANSFERABILITY with terms as approved by the Council at its June 16th Meeting is in the works and is intended to come before Council in February.

NMA leaders will continue to work closely with Council Members and Staff to assist in bringing these important steps to reality. We will keep you informed regularly with postings to the NMA website and emails to those mooring holders and others who have provided their email addresses. Questions may be emailed to our website,, or directed to NMA’s Community Relations Board Member Carter Ford at his email,, or by phoning or texting him at his cell phone, 949-413-3032.

The progress being made is the result of dedicated team work by many individuals. We thank all of you and our NMA members. Thank you for your support. There is much yet to be done, so we need and greatly appreciate the continuing support of every mooring holder.

Best wishes for the New Year from the team at NMA.

Newport Mooring Association, PO Box 1118, Newport Beach, CA 92659

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